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  1. max350

    Racing on Grass
  2. max350

    Chain tensioner Design!

    Good space between the tire and the frame, the perfect space for the chain tensioner
  3. max350

    Just a crazy idea!

    Just a crazy idea! Or! Zundapp Athena70cc 13HP, fits quite well with some modifications
  4. max350

    My new bike projekt!

    My new project! Built in Board Tracker style. I always use recycled materials when I build something. The tubes of the frame comes from a brown -1970 sofa! :)
  5. max350

    Electric bicycle wheel

    Very "smart" electric bicycle wheel
  6. max350


    An easy way to control the flow into the transfer portarna.du need a propane torch or similar Caution! do not heat the cylinder too much
  7. max350

    8 inch brake discs!

    Now I mounted 8-inch brake discs! on my "50" mph bike. Now it's the tires that puts a stop to the braking ability! Someone else who has dual 8 incher?
  8. max350

    Velosolex 4800 build

    My new project - VéloSoleX 4800(copy) and the bike that I intend to use
  9. max350

    Motorized Kickslead

    Now that it is almost winter in Sweden, it will be my next project, a motorized kick slead. Watch this youtube video :) to be continued!
  10. max350


    A useful software for sheet metal processing expansion chamber.......
  11. max350

    Speed&Power Calculator

    Speed&Power Calculator:
  12. max350

    Bicycle car!

    Has anyone built something like this? A Swedish bicycle car designed in the -1950?
  13. max350


    Does anyone know how fast the fastest 60cc china single-speed run?, Does anyone know if there is a confirmed record?
  14. max350

    My Bike 46mph

    Top speed Motorized Bicycle :) - YouTube xct2
  15. max350

    Sprocket adapter

    My homemade Sprocket adapter
  16. max350

    crankshaft seal

    Anyone know where to buy crankshaft seals to a Chinese 2 stroke engine, seals size 14.8x27x7,5mm and 14.8 x27x3,8mm
  17. max350

    My bike project

    I shoud post some picture on my bike, it is not completed yet. Next thing i will do is fabricte a new gastank. i should remowe the upper frame tube and replace it white a 3inch tube 1/16 thick. The Expansion chamber is from a Yamaha DT50 and works very well on the engine.The muffler is...
  18. max350

    Top speed?

    Is there anyone how nows what is the fastest topspeed, motorized bike 50-70cc ?(not white shiftkit only white one gear) xct2
  19. max350

    Hello! Iam new!

    Hi! my name is max i am from sweden , and this is my first bicycle build! The paintjob is not completedxct2