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    Clutch cable

    My clutch cable broke going to work today, never had the problem it's a standard 66cc kit should I get a stronger cable or just the same ? probably If i buy one from a bicycle shop it might just be better quality. If it happens again going to work is there any "quick" way of fixing it or just...
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    engine missing a beat every 10 seconds

    my 2 stroke takes full power no problem but every 10 seconds or so it seems to miss a beat. The bike kicks a little every time. I'm thinking it could be the Carb, spark plug or the plug lead. I think I'll start with the plug and go from there. Has anyone else had this type of problem ?
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    Jack Kit

    I'm looking at getting a jack kit for my 80cc 2 stroke built on a mountain bike. 1. where is the best place to buy the full kit ? 2. what's the appx cost ? 3. What's the best/standard Gearing on the bike ? 4. Does it make the bike go faster ? 5. Is it worth putting a kit on or just use a...
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    34 tooth sproket

    I have gone back to a 2 stroke engine as my 4 stroke was not up to the task of pulling me up hill around my area even on the flat I have to cycle to help it along. So I've gone back to 80cc 2 stroke engine just ran in with the standard 44 tooth sprocket. I have a 34 tooth sprocket I was...
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    4 stroke clutch slipping

    I had a 2 stroke 66cc and sold it I bought a 4 stroke kit I'v put on 40ish Miles on the engine now but I feel that the clutch is slipping. Is this normal ? I always peddle to get it up to speed anyway but it will not move from a stopped position when I get up to top speed it seem to rev high...
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    First 4 stroke kit build

    I'm just after getting my first 4 stroke build. I built a 2 stroke last year sold it and got a 4 stroke. Anyway I put the engine on and with a slight bit of welding I was able to put the engine on without messing with the peddles or the gears now I need to extend the peddles about 2 1/2 -3...
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    Schwinn 4 stroke

    I have a Schwinn 'Alloy SS' with aluminium 7000 alloy frame, two tone springer leather saddle and pearl metallic paint. This is a modern version of the Schwinn Typhoon that was produced in the 1950's and I sticking a 4 stroke on it. I have photo's how do I attach them ?
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    The first motorized bicycles built

    I came across this website it's about the start of Motorized bicycles.
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    2nd build is a 4 stroke with 32 tooth sproket

    I am after selling my 66cc 2 stroke ( first build )and I'm after buying a 49cc 4 stroke. I also purchased a 32 tooth sproket the plan is to fit the standard 44 tooth sproket and run it for a few weeks and then change it for the smaller 32 tooth. Has anyone got any experance in using a 32...
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    smaller sprocket (36 teeth ) or shift kit

    I'm after selling my 66/80cc bike. I looking at getting another and looking at a little upgrade. Would it be better to get a smaller sproket (36 teeth ) or a shift kit ???
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    thinking of going 4 stroke

    I'm after selling my 2 storke bike ( first build ) it was a 66cc kit. I was thing of going 4 stroke the kit is a 49cc. I commute to work (34 miles round trip) and there are plenty of hills would I get the same power out of this kit or does a 2 stroke have more ? I know it would save of...
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    Freewheel Crank

    It's probably been talked about before but I only have built 1 bike a few months ago I'm very happy with it so far I've done about 500Km I live in Ireland so it would have to be shipped from USA/China. I'm thinking of either modifing the bike or selling this one and putting a freewheel...
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    Speed meter

    I have a wireless speed meter it reads normal when I’m cycling but when the engine is on it’s readings are wrong it keeps jumping to random numbers. The engine is affecting the reading. Should I change this to a wired unit ? or is there a quick fix ? I was think of putting some insulation...
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    Inline Filter

    I'm just after finishing my first build of a 80cc 2 stroke and took it to work for the first times yesterday 56km. When I was driving at about 3/4 trottle ( or maybe a bit more ) it just was not running smoothly the engine was surging a little. There is a mesh filter that is attached to the...
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    First build

    I'm finished my first build and motorised to work today ( 56Km round trip ) Shey in Ireland.
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    Light powered by engine

    I just finished my first build. It's a 80cc 2 stroke I going to fire her up tomorrow for the first time. ( pictures to follow ) On the engine there is a wire out of the engine and the manual references that a light can be powered off this does any one know 1. What voltage it would be ...
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    First Build need advise

    I'm on my first build it's an 80cc 2 stroke. I'm after buying a Aluminum Frame hibrid bike and one of the bars on the bike is a little too big to get the engine to fit I have 2 options. 1. Get a clamp and squeeze the aluminum bar 6mm (1/8 inch) each side ( total 12mm or 1/4 Inch so that...
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    Running in a New 4 stroke engine

    I’m after investing in a 80cc 4 stroke chain driven engine kit and I should be Getting in next week. So I have a week to source a bike or get my 35 year old Steel frame Mountain bike sorted out !! I might get new wheels for it. Anyway how do I “Run in” the engine ??? looking on the...
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    ebay kit

    I'm now to the site and looking into buying a kit. I live in Ireland with shipping costs I'm looking for a kit somewhere in Europe. I came accross can anyone know anything about their engines they sell as they don't give any warranty. Shey.
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hello from Ireland.