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    China girl motor problem

    Are parts inner changeable meaning can I take a 50cc China girl take the jug off take the piston out and the rod buy a rod a piston and a new cylinder that's for an 80cc and use it that way I bought the wrong kit :'( I wanted the 80 not the 50
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    Im back at it 4 years later

    Hello I joined a long time ago and just never was really active now I'm back and at a new location this time .when I owned my bike I owned it when there where really no laws on motorized bikes in California at least they where not cracking down on them .Anyways I have moved to a better state...
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    2 stroke oil

    What oil are you all using im curious to find out what types of oils you are using for your bikes . Lol id hope its not weed eater oil that stuff is horrible .
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    Drag Bike :D

    Hello everyone i know there are a few old farts around here .Maybe some of you know what a vintage yamaha kt-100 is 2 stroke go kart race motor 100cc 14,500 rpm .I have one lying around cause i have been working on go karts since the last time i was on here (Over a year ago) . I have gotten a...
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    80cc bike really slow

    Ok i had a 80cc bike kit awhile ago and there not slow they do 30-35 mph and this one that i ahve does 15 and takes forever ive cleaned the carb twice and still no change i can turn the idle screw all the way in or out and it does not do anything . ive also messed with the throttle cable to set...
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    Im Back

    Sorry guys i have been gone for a very long time lol i started working on go karts the last few ones are very interesting they where my mini cup 2 honda fl250s and the car i have now lol is a 1977 malibu grand prix car.It is a big project for me i have gotten on a other forum for go karts and...
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    engine for sale

    i have a 400cc wisconsin idustrial engine 13.5 hp for sale looking for 325$
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    6.5 hp engine for basically free

    i got it from a friend no gas tank needs a new shut off switch has not been started in over 3.5 years he said he could not figure out whats wrong with it its stuck in the middle of off and on on the kill switch im going to mount a plate in a beach cruiser and drive the dang thing brnot
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    Shifter Kart

    i have not been on in over 6 months so im not sure if this is the right spot to put it but i am getting a shifter kart frame ready for and engine to be put on it meaning im getting one that is ready i need to know if anyone has any exp in taking a dirt bike engine more along the lines of a 250cc...
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    212 Specs

    ok so im back again to ask this how many volts and amps does a 212 predator magneto give out so i can find out how many plates i will need
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    Carburetor Law

    there's a carb law in California were can i get a china girl kit that will ship here most of all the ones are over 120$ but all the ones under do not ship to residence of California
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    Adding Performance to China kits

    does anyone know things that can add some boost and speed to them i have seen a lot of things but i want to hear what your Exp is and what you have done
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    Boost Bottle?

    Does the boost bottle really do anything i have been thinking about this for a long long time now can anyone tell me if it works
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    Willow Springs Motorized bike races

    did anyone know we host a motorized bike race every summer out here i never knew i think thats awesome why dont yall come down here and race .we.
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    Stupid Chp

    they gave me a ticket for riding my motorized bike the dude called it a moped lol its a peddle assisted bike i was wearing a motorcycle helmet in the bike lane under 30 mph he pulled me over right in front of the dmv to lol they have a guide that tells you about motorized bikes to bad it was...
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    looking for a 4 Stoke

    does anyone know were i can get a 4 stroke engine even if its not a kit and make it work on a bike for under 100$ ive seen a 6.5 hp engine from harbor freight but it would be hard to make that work with my skills i am new to all this i want to mount a back rack and then put the engine on it how...
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    Cruiser vs street bike

    ok so i found out never to use a street bike with a motor on it on the rims on the back tire bend under all the strain because the to small and made to be stream line second you pop tires every 50 to 75 miles because the tires are to narrow with the cruiser you go slower but you do not have to...
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    New and have a question

    hello im not sure were to post this question so i just added to my introduction anyways my name is Cameron and i am from California and i am on a mission to make a motorized bike run on water HHO i need to know a few things how many horse power does a basic 80cc two stroke no mods put out so i...