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  1. stuartracing

    build off (spring)

    Super bad ass, brother......
  2. stuartracing

    Some modification for High Comp. Billet Head

    These cyl. are the best IMO..... I almost want another one just to keep OFF the bike so people can see how bad ass they are before you even put it on the motor.......
  3. stuartracing

    New SCSW Tuned Pipes for sale!

    Very nice pipe isn`t it????
  4. stuartracing

    50 mph ?? (Down hill doesn't count)

    This is ONE BAD ASS MOTOR BIKE.......SWEEEET.....
  5. stuartracing

    are 2 stroke engine kits the same?

    What is the deal with these people who think that breaking in a motor without actually riding it is going to work....Met one dude who strung his bike up in a tree and let it run through a tank of gas to break it in.....It don`t work that way....Ya have to put a load on it.....Ride it...
  6. stuartracing

    Ever get a flat? What do you do?

    That tube is bad ass....
  7. stuartracing

    How hot?

    Ya me too.....No load...
  8. stuartracing

    How hot?

    It`s an AIR COOLED engine, so as long as you have air flow it should be ok as long as it`s not too lean....It`s when you are stopped is when the problems would start if anything....If I`m running mine and I feel it might be too hot I hit the kill button and pedal for a bit....
  9. stuartracing

    Cheap tuned pipe.

    Sweet pic. OF the
  10. stuartracing

    Some modification for High Comp. Billet Head

    I`m sure you just need to tune your bike for the billet head.... Whenever you put a new/different part on your bike it will change the tune, sometimes.... EVERY part I`ve installed on my motor has changed it in one way or the other.... But I`ve been able to tune it back to a better running...
  11. stuartracing

    Some modification for High Comp. Billet Head

    Well ya gotta give us a few more details, like whats the motor doing,whats the plug look like, how old is this motor, is it broke in yet,what carb. is on it, all stock PK80????? If you decide you don`t want it let me know....I`ll pay ya for it, no problems at all....I need another one big...
  12. stuartracing

    Zoom motor/Billet head?

    I got one of the last ones made...I still want one or two more whenever he decides on another run on them......
  13. stuartracing

    i have a idea

    Just put the bike on top of a car,hop on the bike, have a buddy drive the car around...Whe you need lights,shazzaaamm....LOL.... Best thing since sliced bread....LOL....
  14. stuartracing

    higher compression head

    I really need to take more teeth off the rear...I`m at 41 but need to be 34 to 36 or so....Your`s must pull to the hmmmmmm, past the moon????? Whats past the moon,lol....
  15. stuartracing

    digital tachometer

    That one looks pretty good, for $20 what the ****.....
  16. stuartracing

    NOS Nitrous Oxide System on my two stroke

    Good job on the bike as much as I can see.....
  17. stuartracing

    50 mph ?? (Down hill doesn't count)

    Bout the same here....Any faster and just too much for my bike.....
  18. stuartracing

    New pipelyne

    I can`t beleive more people don`t get one, they mount up real clean and sound sweet along with performance..... Nice bike dude.....
  19. stuartracing

    Jug Swap

    Should be able to as long as wrist pin is the same and pin height(on piston) is the same too.....