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    lookin for help in all the wrong places

    welcome to the forum glad to see that carb work well for you not to many people have any luck with the CNS V3 im one i gave up on it and tossed it in my junk box and use a NT i had to do alot of work to mine and it was never right some people get one that needs a little tuning and others just...
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    Clutch VS Torque Converter

    blue loctite my friend
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    10 have 10 days left to live.,,,

    you do that here and they find out it was you and you get hit with a huge fine
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    Wanted: Cruiser frame

    the schwinn lakeshore would fit the bill its $165
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    Electra Super Deluxe w/briggs flathead.

    i think you need to gusset the frame where you drilled the huge holes in it with 1/8 inch steel plate or L channel to add strength before you even try to weld it and avoid pot holes like the plague
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    "It's the End of the World... is what i say
  7. J

    "It's the End of the World...

    you are a little late on the date there that was yesterday :)
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    10 have 10 days left to live.,,,

    im not dead so i guess the guy making the calenders back in ancient times died and no one took over or they got lazy 2000+ years of calender gives him a day off or two before he needed to make more
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    and a V twin whizzer
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    great sounding twin engine whizzer
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    Juke Box

    a few more things that make me :) scooter stop motion :) )
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    Compression Problems

    so the engine turns over real easy with the rear wheel? did you take the cylinder off when you painted everything?
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    Compression Problems

    have you checked for spark?
  14. J

    Compression Problems

    the magneto is set with the timing key as long as the magneto hasnt been taken out and the key isnt broken the timing should be fine
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    Copper pipe fuel tank

    you can get that in brass pipe also black pipe will look ugly for this
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    Compression Problems

    it dosent matter what way the head faces forward or back
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    Compression Problems

    the aluminum one crushes when you torque it down it needs to be flipped if you want to use it more than once
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    Compression Problems

    try flipping the head gasket over you can usually get a second use out of it some times you cant depends on how crushed it is
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    New Departure hub sprocket adapter ???

    yep measure the hub and see whats going to fit on it the adapters go by hub diameter
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    Hello all

    welcome to the forum and our ever growing group if you need some help give it a post and we will see what we cam do to help out sounds like you are having fun with your kit its great for a cheap thrill or a good little hobby just watch out alot of us start with one and end up needing a new...