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  1. moonerdizzle

    Wisconsin Motor Bicycle Law Part 1&2

    all vehicles that have a motor on them need a drivers license in wisconsin. only exception to the law is electric bicycles.
  2. moonerdizzle

    Hello from Wisconsin

    welcome! great to see another wisconsin rider!
  3. moonerdizzle

    hey y'all from mosinee

    Welcome to the forum, and greetings from a fellow wisconsin rider. My mother is also legally blind now. yet she can still do some amazing paintings
  4. moonerdizzle

    Wisconsin Motor Bicycle Law Part 1&2

    current statute numbers changed. the laws state the same, but they changed a few statute numbers, if your like me and like to quote statutes to police, you dont want to be quoting the wrong ones. these statutes are current as of this month. 340.01(29m)(am) (am) "Moped" means any of the...
  5. moonerdizzle

    Cheese Head State of Mind

    these statutes are current as of this month. 340.01(29m)(am) (am) "Moped" means any of the following motor vehicles capable of speeds of not more than 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind, excluding a tractor, a power source as an integral part...
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    Cheese Head State of Mind

    howdy! its great to see another cheese head! just to let you know them statutes are out dated. the laws says the same thing, but the statute numbers changed, ill post the correct ones in a few
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    LEGIT Briggs 5 on BMX Junkgoose rat bike

    where to start, no pedals, no brakes, this is not a motor bicycle.
  8. moonerdizzle

    My ezm touring special 2.0 rebuilt now

    on the road again, just cant wait to get on the road again
  9. moonerdizzle

    A 1938 Hiawatha named Orange Peel notice how the tank is held on by straps, do the same concept, but use leather instead of steel, as for brass hardware, im out of my loop lol, but heres what showed up in a google search...
  10. moonerdizzle

    A 1938 Hiawatha named Orange Peel

    want a fancy strap for your tank? how about leather straps with brass hardware holding them on?
  11. moonerdizzle

    Pirate cycles, a second look.

    i love pirates, i send them a bit of money several times a year, and they send me products that i need to have, if i have any questions about a product, ill ask here or on other forums to find out. simple as that, and the free candy they send out with the orders keeps me happy and complacent.
  12. moonerdizzle

    Picked up a 1950's Rixe Tandem with Girder Fork today

    that is a sweet score!
  13. moonerdizzle

    Knocking sound in idle...

    could be your wrist pin bearing. had one that got some slop in it and clattered, replaced it and it went away
  14. moonerdizzle

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? i went cruizing. heres a video of a quick zoom by lol
  15. moonerdizzle

    Reversed jug AMF

    finally got some time off, so im posting some updates, got a puch 50cc hi hi head on with a single head gasket. runs fantastic with it. also got a Jammy pipe from treats on, with the short header its all in the top end, but the pipe works out great. heres a video and some pics for ya
  16. moonerdizzle

    Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

    you and me have almost the same pipe it looks like. i just installed a jammy pipe on my AMF
  17. moonerdizzle

    Cleaning out your crankcase

    i use brake cleaner to flush out the cases then pour a few table spoons of oil in the case, making sure to pour some on the lower conrod bearing and then i tilt the cases around to get some oil into the main bearings.
  18. moonerdizzle

    70's OCC

    That is a wild ride, looks damn good!
  19. moonerdizzle

    Torquer II pipe
  20. moonerdizzle

    Torquer II pipe

    use high temp silicone spray, spray your pipe first with it, then wrap the header wrap around the pipe, then spray it again. if you buy a header wrap kit it comes with the spray and stainless steel friction ties.