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  1. thegnu

    Another Chopper Build

    I been kinda anxious to see that bike "complete" ..... hustle hustle man ! lol p.s. over here I would like to find punxatawney phil ...the groundhog who predicted an early spring an hook him up "so to speak " much for global warming .
  2. thegnu

    Paint Disaster, Any Clues?

    Tom it can happen in warm temps too if its too very hot in some cases its environment an in others forgive the pun pilot error . :P
  3. thegnu

    Paint Disaster, Any Clues?

    that happens when your last coat "flash drys " an consecutive coat or coats soften your prior coat its called shrink a good way to avoid this is in low temps allow more flashout time or move to warmer temp .
  4. thegnu

    Another Chopper Build

    wow , there is so many things about that bike that I love right now , that muffler is over the top , an maybe dont use upholstery on that seat pan or very minimal that just gives a nice old look to that build , had an idea i suppose your going to polish the side case covers on that motor . if so...
  5. thegnu

    finally building my rat

    Thank you very much
  6. thegnu

    Gloves: Who Wears Them and What Kind

    Check into some different types of mechanics gloves some have very sticky palms , I had a pair of snapon gloves with palms like that an a few pairs of matco that were similar but auto zone seems to have good ones as well., but the trade off is warmth they arent exacty the warmest things you can wear
  7. thegnu

    Cold Weather Motorizedbicycling

    not riding here till its at least 45 , nice pic dobyns
  8. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    wow , ya think that kaw has enough hp? ok I will try copper washers first , is there any specific thickness tho? Gary
  9. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    I absolutly agree with you Tom ,1 set of threads to worry about breaks down to 1 possible failure point instead of 2 . I was going to go with the grade 8 stainless bolts or possibly just steel bolts , on the trikes head because. ANY STEEL bolt in aluminum is a bad thing no matter what you do...
  10. thegnu

    Another Chopper Build

    I CAN an that would be BAD AZZ .
  11. thegnu

    Shorewood Chopper

    this is gonna be a great looking bike keep it up , go with the 8 speed , I have that very same set up , but go with the sbp hd jack shaft kit , I use every gear on mine . stretch's with massive rake ride so good , but dont corner so well . love that tank work . Gary
  12. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    It doent seem to vibrate any more than my other motors in some ways it almost runs better , as my methods have improved . so I am yet to try another Idea , while digging through a bucket of old bolts in the garage I found one stainless steel bolt that just happens to be 8mm an the correct length...
  13. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    yep every time just the nuts , the studs havent moved at all an the threads in the block are fine . Gary
  14. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    Tom , I am at my wits end with that motor , I folow the same proceder as you, my chopper motor check head tourque every so often , the rat has shown no problem an I have 20 miles on it already , but that darn trike grrrrrr, I checked the low end to be sure I wasnt pulling the studs out of the...
  15. thegnu

    possible solution to constantly retourqing head bolts

    I was just looking over my wifes trike an trying to think of a way to make it a bit more maintence free , specifically its head bolts for some reason they are aways working loose , I have used the sbp head bolt set an double nutted them to help stop them from working loose , to no avail . an had...
  16. thegnu

    Made my own exhaust

    That my freind is some beautiful pipe work ... my hats off to you sir ! Gary
  17. thegnu

    Is putting a motor on a RACING BIKE with THIN TIRES dangerous?

    heres my thin tires an I routinely reach about 35 mph with this bike .its sitting on 1 an 3/4 tires Gary
  18. thegnu

    New from VA, need some advice

    Do a bit of ebay shopping good quality fender struts are available an reasonably priced Again do some searching you can add a dual pull brake lever if you want , I use them on every one I build , front an rear brakes just make sence , if ya can go faster stopping is even better . an Dave said...
  19. thegnu

    Questions for you stretch beach cruiser guys

    I love a stretch long wheel base = smoother ride altho mounting the motors can be a challenge . need any ideas or questions just ask . Gary
  20. thegnu

    1928 Rochet trike... wow!

    thats a beauty , but WOW talk about a long steer tube it goes on for days ! Gary