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    Sorry, it has been a long time since I've been to this site. If you haven't found what you...

    Sorry, it has been a long time since I've been to this site. If you haven't found what you needed, please let me know. I can get you the info on the rectifier if you still need it.
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    Stretch Bronco, 125CC, Upgrades

    Nice bike, i-paint. How far can you go on 1/2gal?
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    Jackshafts & Components : BMI Karts & Supplies : Go Karts Parts : Racing Go Kart Parts : GoKarts : Versailles, Ohio : USA : Indoor Track : Tips Here's a good place for jackshaft parts
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    Sorry for the delay. I don't visit much anymore. Did you get what you needed?

    Sorry for the delay. I don't visit much anymore. Did you get what you needed?
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    What do You do for a living?

    Pablo, it can get very interesting. I'm not complaining, though. It pays the bills. It's also interesting to see just how different some products are. I never knew there were so many different components in engine and transmission oils. For example, we manufacture 1 particular transmission...
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    What do You do for a living?

    I currently work in the automotive industry as a supplier. We develop and manufacture automotive lubes and greases. We also manufacture for smaller markets such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, marine oils, and such. Pretty much, if it lubricates a vehicle, we make it. We are a small company...
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    Welcome To The Deep South

    Hey, kerf. I'm in Childersburg.
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    important information about tools

    Superglue is the best for those "Oh S" moments. That was a good list, deacon. Got a good chuckle and some not so fond memories out of me this mornin'.
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    I blew off 3 spandexers

    I love to roll past some spandexers, riding with one hand on the throttle, the other holding a cigarette, and a big smile! I enjoyed reading this thread. Good points from all sides.
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    Hey friend!

    Hey friend!
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    Hey friend!

    Hey friend!
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    ATV 50cc Full Auto on a stretch!

    Hey CH. Sorry I haven't been able to do that for you, yet. I have been busy and now I'm sick. I will try to get it ASAP.
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    lifan motor

    Yeah, it is kind of long. There are several pictures of the finished product on page 8, if you want a better look without reading all of it.
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    lifan motor

    Thanks, hurricane! Yep, I did all of that one. That is my pride and joy. Thanks for the compliments, and of course you can keep a pic. Here's a link to the build thread, if you're interested.
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    lifan motor

    Thanks, SB!
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    lifan motor

    That is gonna be fun! Don't forget the bigaz brakes. Not sure about your bike, but using an engine like this is what some of us prefer. Mine is only a 50cc and does over 50mph, so be careful.
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    Thanks, Dan! It's not a professional job, but I can live with it. The cap is not DIY. I was looking for a soft top for my blazer and found this company that sells them for trucks also, I had to get one just to test it out. I really like it so far. Softopper - Pickup Truck Toppers, Camper...
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    Here you go, Dan. This took me about 6 months. I inhereted this truck from my brother when he passed back in '98. It was in rough condition then, but ran great. I drove it for several years as it was. Eventually, I got to where I wanted to do something with it and just never did. It has...
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    I will. I've been meaning to get some pics to show it off to you guys. I'm proud of this one. Lots of work, about 6 months worth.
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    Looks good from Alabama!