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  1. lambofgod121980

    4 stroke wcc

    Well decided to get going on my new build - starting with epic wcc bike i picked up for super cheap sitting in someones yard sprayed hillbilly chrome XD and want to wedge a 4 stroke in there..... looking to you guys here at the forum for a little direction Obviously this isnt gonna be a kit...
  2. lambofgod121980

    Texas showdown truck and car show

    June 1-2 sam houston raceway park Texas showdown car and truck show. Their web page says if it has wheels then there's a class for it and bring it. Ill be pre registering today and will be showing my bike \m/ I encourage anyone who lives in the houston area to enter the show or at least come...
  3. lambofgod121980

    modus hub adapter

    I bought the wrong dang adapter size and now I'm stuck with it.... Brand new never installed. Perfect for someone building 29er. Also willing to swap for fwl adapter. Asking 40 bucks shipped. Will swap strait up we both pay own shipping. Thanks
  4. lambofgod121980

    the great divide

    Building a great divide mountain bike for a buddy \m/ originally its an 18sp silver and blue hardtail 26" mountain bike. My friend has decided to change it to red and black so ill be posting the progress of the build as we do it. Ordered everything we are putting on the bike that we don't...
  5. lambofgod121980

    tour de hood walk around

    Short video of my new build dance1
  6. lambofgod121980

    tour de hood

    Soooooo.... Decided to scrap the cranbrook and build the tour de hood. After a myriad of problems I decided to just give up on that frame and strip it down for parts on the new bike. Started with just frame with cranks and build from there. Should go pretty easy with the exception of...
  7. lambofgod121980

    110cc chinese engine Above is a link to a thread I posted earlier. I have this engine, wires are cut but visable, its electric start, no carb. Looking to sell stoopid cheap or swap for HT parts. Make offer - I'm open to just about anything as far as...
  8. lambofgod121980

    110cc chinese engine

    I recently aquired a chinese 4 wheeler that I plan to use for parts. I know nothing about these engines and don't even know if I can possibly mount this monster of an engine to a bicycle. Want to see what you guys on the forum think about my new project. Has no carb, wires have all been...
  9. lambofgod121980

    pocket bike pipe on 80cc bicycle engine

    Hi \m/ >.< \m/ Was wondering if any of you have ever used one of these pocket bike pipes on a 80cc engine before?
  10. lambofgod121980

    wanted - used hub adapter

    I'm lookin for a used hub adapter for my cranbrook. Thought I'd see if anyone had a spare laying around before I decided to buy new. Thanks
  11. lambofgod121980

    gas tank giving me the blues

    Let me start off by saying - I'm sooooooper pised. I just wanna ride sooooo bad. Been having an issue with my peanut tank. It leakes like a sive from the mounting studs. Tried every thing to fix it. Jb weld, quick steel, gas tank repair kit. I finally gave up trying to fix it and I wanted a...
  12. lambofgod121980

    anyone ever build one of these?

    Hello again good forum members. Eventhough I am not even finished with my first build, it does run and I ride almost daily, I am thinking stoopid hard about building another. I had gone over to my step brothers house and was happily telling him all about my cranbrook with ht bolted on and he...
  13. lambofgod121980

    attempt #3

    Ok so I have ruined 2 engines already. The first one I bought with the kit off ebay from BGF and it was a total turd. Lasted bout 2 hours before throwing bearings under the clutch and never running again. The second one I was truly happy with and got that one from dax. Ruined that one due to...
  14. lambofgod121980

    stripped head stud

    Ok so my bike was running great and then shut it down went in for a snack and then when I went to fire it back up it won't start. Found out i have no spark so I got new plug and wire on the way and that's problem #1. Second issue I had was I could feel puffs of air on my leg as I tried to...
  15. lambofgod121980

    taking the hill at the school by my house This is me on my bike trying to take the hill at the school by my house First try I couldn't get it to wind out so I make a loop and hit it again and got almost to the top and it stalled. 2nd time got up it with little...
  16. lambofgod121980

    hello from splendora TX \m/ >.< \m/

    Hello fellow MBers, I'm dethmetal mike from splendora TX. I'm new to motorized biking, finished my first build about a week ago \m/. Is a 93 huffy sledge hammer mountain bike with a 80cc kit bought from boygofast. Started out as a 24 inch bike but back wheel was bent so I pirated a 20 in wheel...
  17. lambofgod121980

    do these china 2 strokes have head gaskets?

    Hi - I'm new and just got my kit \m/ >.< \m/ was putting it on my bike and because of clearance issues I had to flip the head around. When I took the head off I saw there was no head gasket yikes Was wondering if these 2 stroke 66cc motors are supposed to come with a head gasket installed...