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    1948 Schwinn catalog with motorized bicycles

    While looking for info on Schwinn's. I stumbled on these, scroll down to the bottom after the page loads: Just wanted to pass it on as it might spur more builds. MTB Moto
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    Velosolex 4800 build

    Great project!
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    a gas tank for peanuts

    Re: a gas tank for peanusts Welcome... ...nice of you to offer up your project as an introduction! Thanks, hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Im Going Legal in PA

    bigbutterbean, Yes, like I said I in no way judge anyone! I agree with you... ...we should have more freedom in a free country.
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    Im Going Legal in PA

    Thanks for that info I didn't know that, Travel freely, as in you can walk around or by horseback, it seems once you add an engine or motor the rules change.
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    384 mpg out of a scooter

    Oh boy... ...I gonna be follow'in this thread till it's dead, Some suggestions of mine, Google these and look at all the tests and info not just the websites: "Smokey Yunick, hot vapor engine" "Swain Tech" "Micro Blue Racing" "Craig Vetter" Thank me when ya hit over 400MPG
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    Im Going Legal in PA

    Here' my take... ...I'm no lawyer, just an average guy, and I'm not addressing this to anyone in particular, you all have your right to your choices. Better safe than really sorry, in Pa driving is not a right it's a privilege, the state owns the roads. So your paying to use their system. We...
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    how do you grease a coaster brake?

    2 Fold when I rebuild my CB hubs... ...Bel Ray Salt Water proof Moto grease on my bearings and Klotz R50 Moto 2 stroke oil in the hub, the salt water proof grease is good enough on my boat trailer when I submerge the wheel bearings every time I unload/load the boat, and it holds the Klotz...
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    My attempt building the "Torque Pipe"

    Good Stuff! A lot of work, but experimenting is all good. MTB Moto
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    New 212 Predator Build - Supermoto

    Nice rides! I gotta say both bike designs look finished and clean. Thanks for sharing MTBMoto
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    pennsylvania laws?

    In Pa if your on the road you have to be registered, no matter what you ride, cost me 1000 bucks to do up a dirt bike that I wanted to ride on the road to get to the trails! I don't know about other states, but driving in Pa is a privilege not a right. I would imagine it stems from Pa being...
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    Board Tracks Thread? Pics, stories, locations...

    Add this mega thread over at the HAMB: Here's a list from that: Quite a few board tracks through the teens-20s, most were closer to the two coasts it seems. Playa Del Rey, CA 1.0 mile 1910-1913 Elmhurst, CA 0.5mile...
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    Tipton, PA board track stuff

    mp43sniper, Check this out: Here's thread too: Enjoy... MTBMoto
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    Board Tracks Thread? Pics, stories, locations...

    Hello fellow motorized bicycle riders, Board Tracks... ...well we are building Board Track rides, and with that thought I stumbled across this pic with my story of how it came about. My cousin originally from Ebensburg, Pa. was a pilot who worked flying over Pennsylvania taking pics in the...
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    2012, 4th Annual Central Pa. Rally August 4th & 5th

    Fellow MBers, I was just over on the site looking at pics of this event a few years back, all I gotta say is: Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! View here... MTBMoto .trlrl.
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    Trike with a VELOSOLEX copy engine.

    That is cool... Thanks MTBMoto
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    anybody ever build skis?

    fwfrank, My mind fell out, a tandem MB with tandem front skis!!!!!!!!! MTBMoto
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    Emergency Kit Thread

    Hum... Zips ties? Electrical Tape? Condoms? Nevermind...LOL You guys ROCK! MTBMoto.shft.
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    Thanks, I'm in Pennsylvania.

    Thanks, I'm in Pennsylvania.
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    Thanks for the friendship Powertool MTBMoto

    Thanks for the friendship Powertool MTBMoto