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  1. superharry

    Does anyone have a "black spring" for a max torque?

    I really need to get this spring but no seller has it in stock, so I'm reaching out to the tribe here... Does anyone have the black spring for a max torque clutch ? It can be for a 5/8 or 3/4 shaft, I was told the same for both. I am going to the Grange race this Saturday and could pay for it...
  2. superharry

    This Saturday(30th) at Glendale Harley Davidson

    Glendale Harley is having their annual Summer Rumble, Car & Bike show! Huge event! Bring the bikes out!!! PLUS* one of the L.A. bands I work with (Rocktology)is perfoming from 1:30 to 3:30! What a way to start the Summer!!!
  3. superharry

    Prince of Whales (pdr) Friday Nite!

    Hey L.A. friends, I'll be subbing for a friends band this Friday at the Prince o whales in playa del ray. Come see what else I do! Burbank ain't too far....
  4. superharry

    Cruizin' Tom's Farms!

    what a day for a ride! So, I decided to take a ride to Tom's Farms today, about 20 miles from my house. Bike is so much fun! funny, she gets more looks than all the Harley's out here... Love it!!! it's about 2:30. I'll hang out for a lil bit more, then head on back. SWEET! I may try to put an...
  5. superharry

    newest member of the "its faster than I thought" club!

    Hi folks, got really motivated at Bairdco's race last month, so I motorized my 1980 Schwinn Spitfire. If my laptop wasworking, i'd post pics. But, its not sooo...I'm a big fan of briggs & stratton engines, so that's my pwer plant. 3.5 hp with a mikuni 22mm carb, stock exhaust(for a lil while)...