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    Pedal-less acceleration?

    The kit is not designed for the 79cc engine but some have made it work from what I have been told.
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    Pedal-less acceleration?

    Well there is such a thing called a Shift Kit allowing you to use the gears on the bike so that one could have a low gear for acceleration and taller gears for cruising at higher speeds without over revving the engine. Of course if you have a typical beach cruiser that is a single speed that's...
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    Sick bike pipe rpm?

    The way the kit comes stock really is set up for maximum torque with the greatest power increase in the lower rpm range of 2-4 thousand rpm. Going to the shortest possible length will put you up into the 4-6 thousand range but our experience is that the ignition and port timing is the limiting...
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    jackshaft bearings

    As Pablo mentioned the instructions are clear about cleaning the shaft up so the bearings can be easily slid along the shaft without tools. You should never need a hammer or any other tool to assemble or disassemble the jackshaft assembly. Typically best practice is to spend the most time with a...
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    g4 and jack shaft alignment

    First let me say that as our product description says our kit is designed for the 5/8 shaft engine when using the 4G transmission. We say this because it does not fit the tapered shaft version as the alignment is off. Second please let me know how you tried to contact us. We get emails from...
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    Super hot spring sale!!!!!

    There was a time when there was a difference between our 2 stroke throttle and our 4 stroke throttle. They needed different cable out lengths. Our new throttle had 2 positions on the handle to attach the cable so it works for both. Now we just have them in the two different sections so 4 stroke...
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    problem with jetting and performance filter swap, mind stumped !!

    I am certainly not debating anything you are saying. I am an engineer and studied vehicle design and am very familiar with all this. I have studied IC engine design and done extensive wind tunnel testing on race cars so I am very familiar with all these principals. However, us debating CFD...
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    problem with jetting and performance filter swap, mind stumped !!

    Well that was kind of my point that the engine is pulling air in so it cannot pack up, it will only be pulled at the rate the engine is using it. There are very different dynamics going on depending on if air is being forced through a tube versus being pulled through a tube. Case in point the...
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    problem with jetting and performance filter swap, mind stumped !!

    Yes this can happen at higher velocities but considering the size of the elbow compared to the intake on the carb the velocity as I mentioned is VERY slow in the tube and only speeds up as it goes into carb. The other thing to take into account is the air is being pulled through the tube by the...
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    problem with jetting and performance filter swap, mind stumped !!

    I doubt the 90 degree elbow is causing much of an issue here as the intake velocities on these engines is pretty slow compared to a V8. I would do as 16v4nrbrgr suggests and try some plug chop runs to see what is really going on. Rich and lean can have very similar symptoms. Our filter offers...
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    cns v3 carb air filter

    It is my understanding that all the CNS carbs are pretty much the same except for the casting where the air filter is. The older ones have the clamp on K&N style and newer ones use basically the same bolt on air filter as the NT carbs. Here is a photo of the newer CNS.
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    cns v3 carb air filter

    Yes, if it has the clamp on (K&N) style air filter we consider it a V1 because it was the first version of the CNS carb we saw supplied with the Chinese 2 stroke.
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    Well I find regular derailleurs to be more bullet proof than the internal hubs and that is also the feedback we get from most of our customers. But as KC said there is an art to shifting and no matter if your are using a derailleur or internal hub you can break either with incorrect use. Just...
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    cns v3 carb air filter

    There might be some confusion about a V1, 2 or 3. The one pictured here is what we consider a V1 and the 90 degree will fit it. The newer CNS carbs have a red plastic filter and mounts filters like a stock NT and any of our NT filters willl work with those CNS carbs. To be sure just shoot me an...
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    66cc leaking from head?!

    I would also recommend lapping the head as well as the cylinder. The heads have a higher chance of not being flat than the cylinder.
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    about main jets for the NTs & clones

    The jets we sell are marked and are in mm. So a 68 jet is .68 mm and the stock jet on an NT carb is .70.
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    Slower with shift kit

    Great conversation guys and at least every bit of important information has been touched on. It is quite true that there are losses with an additional drive train above the standard single speed, I believe 8% a little exaggerated but 5% I will buy. Once you start hitting top speed every bit of...
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    Header or primary explanation

    Well to save some time reading I can give you the basics. When we reference the the 12 inches we are talking from the exhaust gasket to where the expansion chamber starts to expand. However, the technically correct way to measure the prechamber length of a tuned pipe is taken from the exhaust...
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    Shift Kit & NuVinci for a Large Jolly Man on 66cc 2-Stroke

    Our experience is also that the Nuvinci is a bit fragile especially under heavy loads. Other internals can be fragile as well, Sturmey or Shimano. Really you can't go wrong with a good derailleur and chain.
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    Jackshaft drive chain tension

    I doubt it is the jackshaft or the 17 tooth sprocket. Sadly we are all victim to poor Quality control in China. We have had many customer experience the same thing. It is usually an out of round engine output sprocket or the drive shaft. However if the kit is used who knows what the condition...