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  1. NunyaBidness

    lessons learned from pets

    Aw Dan, such a cute kitty. :)
  2. NunyaBidness

    Quit (ing) cigarettes

    Oh my gosh Dan! If your ecig juice tastes bad then GET SOME THAT IS YUMMY!! I only vape the desert flavors and love 'em. I don't eat near as many sweets as I used to either. My vape satisfies my cravings for nicotine and sweets. The plus side is that my house no longer smells like an ashtray, it...
  3. NunyaBidness

    For Old Guys Only

    Rheumatoid Arthritis nearly killed me. From somebody that has had severe RA pain, never stop moving. Even if you have to take some pain medications, what ever they may be, never stop moving. If you do, it just hurts worse when you start again.
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    They both put me to sleep Greg. :)
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    Vintage Flying Machine Motorized Bicycle Build Off 2015

    Flying motorized bikes were discussed here a few years ago and somebody posted a video of this guy in Australia. He works in the outback, or something, and has to travel many miles. His solution was to strap a hang glider on his motorcycle, attach a prop to the back that's driven by the rear...
  6. NunyaBidness

    Quit (ing) cigarettes

    I've been vaping since December 7, last year. I had maybe 6 or 7 from then till the end of January or so. The last puff on a stinkie was maybe early March. It tasted so bad I had to brush my teeth 3 times to get the taste out of my mouth. I love my vape. And the Nicotine is my social anxiety...
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    Warmest regards for Advent and Christmas.

    Aww,that was a super read. :) I am so glad you're feeling better, as I know how it is to be down with a major illness, and then to start feeling better. May you continue to feel better each day. And I do hope that you enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones. :) God bless.
  8. NunyaBidness

    lessons learned from pets

    The main thing I've learned from my little, formerly feral kitty cat, make sure there is plenty of food down BEFORE bed. Otherwise she will wake me up very early by patting me on the face with her lil paw. She don't use her claws when she does this, she just kinda taps my face with the pads on...
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    Unique Bikes, e-bikes and MBs

    Absolutely love the MotoPed. :)
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    Dan I for one appreciate you posting this thread and keeping all of us updated on your progress. I truly do love reading your posts. Thank you very much.
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    Helping a Friend......

    Wish I had a friend like you that lived near me. Dude, you rock and I am sure that she thinks the same thing. :)
  12. NunyaBidness

    Soooo frustrated now

    When my buddy and I had our bikes we had ridden over to a friends house about 5 miles from my house. While there his fuel line cracked and all his gas drained out. We patched his fuel line, rode up to the gas station, he put 50 cents worth of gas in, and no oil. We rode back to my house where he...
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    Quit (ing) cigarettes

    Just trying to survive. lol Went through several computers this year, losing all my bookmarks each time. Newest one purchased in the first part of September. Got an email saying I had a friend request here so I had a link back here again. :) Over all things suck pretty bad these days. Housing...
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    Quit (ing) cigarettes

    Last year, in the beginning of December, a friend posted on FB that he was going to a vape meet. I asked if I could ride with him and I won some juice in the raffle while there. So I had some juice but no way to vape it. Got a used ProTank2 for 15 bux, then bought a battery for it. Been vaping...
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    Earth Crusher #0000001

    Simply stunning.
  16. NunyaBidness

    How did you choose your user name?

    When I first got online in '98, I was signing up for a website and didn't want to give any personal info. So for my first name I put Nunya and for the last name I put Bidness. NunyaBidness has been my online name ever since.
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    The most famous person you ever met

    Years ago I was doing some volunteer stagehand work for a democrat rally and met Al Gore. The couple of days before and the day of the event I got to work with his Secret Service agent a few times. She was very easy on the eyes, especially with her thigh holster when she wore a skirt. Was a lot...
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    Wonderful Bridgeport!

    I've been told that I can't bring my bike in at several places, also had folks say the same thing, "I'll watch it for ya." PSSHH As if I'll trust anyone with my bike except a friend. Certainly NOT some random person that I don't know from Adam. Each and every time a place of business has told me...
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    Survived my first stop by police

    You're mis-reading the law. In part A. it says "...a person shall give all hand and arm signals..." And then we come down to the exception that says if you're on a bicycle then you may give a right turn signal with your right hand. It does NOT say that you may or may not signal, depending on how...
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    What Are Your Garden Tricks?

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but if you have a problem with squirrels getting into your tomatoes, put a bowl of water out near your garden and they will go to it to drink instead of drinking from your tomatoes. You kind of have to keep fresh water in it but it is worth it to keep...