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  1. ebmvegan

    Looking for a Whizzer auto clutch

    My brother in law and I were lucky enough to be able to purchase a 2005 NE5 Whizzer. The issue is that it's missing the auto clutch. Does anyone have one or know someone with a spare one I can purchase? Thank you.
  2. ebmvegan

    Who rides to work?

    I try to ride two to three times a week. It's approximately 14 miles round trip. I've had to call the wife once though......I forgot to chck the gas.
  3. ebmvegan

    Craigslist to New Ride

    I found the same seat on eBay Murray Moped Seat
  4. ebmvegan

    Craigslist to New Ride

    Here are pictures of the bike before.
  5. ebmvegan

    Craigslist to New Ride

    The seat is moped seat found on eBay. It's comfortable with plenty of cushion. The guy I bought it from bought it off of someone else on eBay.
  6. ebmvegan

    Craigslist to New Ride

    I finished this bike 3 months ago. I finally took pictures. The bike was a Craigslist find. It came with a working motor. Since this was going to be my wifes ride, I wanted to make sure it was customed for her. Now it's going to be sold to friend. The wife just didn't ride the bike and I want...
  7. ebmvegan


    It looks like you will still have clearance issues when you slide the rear down between and clutch housing and chain. You'll also need to add a spacer between and rear motor mount and the engine to elongate and mounting. A piece of 1" square tubing usually does the trick. Or you could get the...
  8. ebmvegan

    morini knockoff

    Very intersting.......he also offers knockoff Dellorto SHA's for $39.99.
  9. ebmvegan

    Which Computer to Buy?

    One thing to remeber though is that laptops use lithium ion batteries that need replacement. But one can take them to their local dump for "proper disposal" (insineration) at no cost.
  10. ebmvegan

    What spark plug do u use?

    Just be cautios. You could protrude the plug too far.
  11. ebmvegan

    Chinese Engine Junk

    My 1 year old 2000 mile made in China engine is still running strong. But I do know that their manufacturing is everything but consistent.
  12. ebmvegan

    Gas Oil Ratio

    20:1 and even as rich as 16:1 is ok. But do it for 2 gas tanks. Your bike will be a little sluggish, but it will make your engine run beter in the long run.
  13. ebmvegan

    Bicycle Auctions?

    Try this site: Product Catalog at
  14. ebmvegan

    If any one is interested

    Rare Motorized bike I found the add in Craigslist for Orange County, Ca. I thought that there are others who may be interested.
  15. ebmvegan

    High Performance Dellorto carb found!

    I found that the SHA 15.15 work well with the stock intake. One just has to make sure that your jet size is matched for your altitude and motor. I havn't had any experience with the PHGB.... it has too many calibrations to deal with. These are simple motors, so making it more complicated doesn't...
  16. ebmvegan

    Jaguar Collage

    This one was my first build. I have to say that this was the easiest builds ever. The frame works well with these kits.
  17. ebmvegan

    Ordering an engine kit living in california!!!

    Boygofast in eBay is based in Norwalk, Ca. Although I have had good luck with them, there are others that have had bad experiences with them. They usually get the engine to you with in 3-4 days in Glendale. The reason for the no shipment to California is the emission restrictions placed here...
  18. ebmvegan

    CA. Law Info

    List of Violations of the Vehicle Code CA Motorcycle Handbook 2009 There are a lot of technicalities that is not clearly defined for motorized bicycles in California. The 2 links are for the vehicle code violations that you could be cited for. The other is the Motorcycle Handbook. Review...
  19. ebmvegan

    Ridley Vintage Bicycle

    I agree with HughMade. If they can do it, good for them. If there are others that can sell the same product for less, they could compete. You gotta admit though, it is a good looking ride.
  20. ebmvegan

    No Gas In Fuel Line and Lots of Vibration

    You may have to change the petcock as well. They're known for flow issues.