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  1. Andyinchville1

    chain keeps falling offf no matter what

    HI, If the chain line is reasonably good, take a file and bevel the teeth on the rear sprocket. Hope this helps you. Andrew
  2. Andyinchville1

    Am I risking permanent damage by runninng the stock chain?

    HI, Stock is chain is fine but if you need more clearance due to wide tires I have heard of some folks using quality BMX chain. Andrew
  3. Andyinchville1

    Required help for mounting a sprocket to a 700c wheel

    HI, MM Adapters are available in a number of different sizes and can fit many coaster brake hubs. As far as braking, it is possible to add a disc brake to the rear wheel if you use a MM adapter....look for posts regarding the Sombrero Sprocket adapter that is used in conjunction with a MM or...
  4. Andyinchville1

    grubee non freewheel HD hub?

    HI, I have not had personal experience w/ the Grubee hubs but I have heard that they are fairly beefy (although somewhat heavy). We have made plenty of sprockets for Grubee's freewheel and non freewheel hubs. Andrew
  5. Andyinchville1

    Front Disc Brake Mounting Question- Schwinn Cruiser

    HI, I would guess that the spokes should last as long as they do on the rear of a driven sprocket ? ..... I don't have a good guess as to how much stress the spokes gets from a hard acceleration using engine (or electric motor for that matter) VS braking force. The customer that...
  6. Andyinchville1

    You seen Go Karts USA? man...

    SWEEEET....So who's building the 26 HP version of those engines ?!?! ;-O Andrew
  7. Andyinchville1

    Front Disc Brake Mounting Question- Schwinn Cruiser

    Hi, While I don't necessarily recommend using a Top Hat to "make" a disc drake hub up front here is how it would be done.... First, take a Top Hat Sprocket Adapter and mount the disc rotor to the top of the Top Hat....Without a disc brake hub to screw into you will need to use the appropriate...
  8. Andyinchville1

    Band brake to disc??

    HI, There is a clamp on adapter of sorts to accomplish the above but it is a 2 step process.... First, a person would need a Manic Mechanic or Pirate Cycles hub adapter (or similar type adapter). Next, a Sombrero Adapter (like a Top Hat Sprocket adapter only bigger) would be bolted to...
  9. Andyinchville1

    Front Disc Brake Mounting Question- Schwinn Cruiser

    HI, The two kits in the links you listed look as though the wheel hub itself needs to have the 6 disc brake mounting holes for the rotor to attach to...beyond that the caliper mounting is fairly straight forward through the parts provided in the respective kits. Assuming your cruiser bike...
  10. Andyinchville1

    HP 36T Sprocket Disc Brake Hub Holes ?

    HI, More than likely the 6 small holes are for the 6 hole disc brake mount.....(typically the center bore on a factory motorized bike sprocket is about 1.48 inches in diameter and the 6 holes for a disc brake mount typically is VERY close the the edge of the center bore as in your pic). Andrew
  11. Andyinchville1

    Any racers in Virginia?

    HI, I'm in VA.....I'd love to see some organized racing like they have out west. Count me in if you can figure something out....I can help some too but lately work has been crazy (BUT in a good way!). Andrew
  12. Andyinchville1

    Going racing on the cheap. $500 racers, based off of motored bicycles.

    HI, In some forms of spec racing the winning bike (or whatever is being raced at the time) can be bought by other competitors for a certain dollar pre determined dollar amount after the race. THAT helps keep racers "honest"....After all you wouldn't intentionally spend $1000 in "secret" hop...
  13. Andyinchville1

    biggest sprocket?

    HI, While we have not (yet) done one, we can go as high as 124T I believe..... FWIW the largest sprocket we have made for motorized bike use is 80 T (approx 13" in diameter). Hope this helps you....I say go for the 124T !!! ;-) Andrew
  14. Andyinchville1

    Disc brake mounting, how to???

    Hi Guys, I think the idea of a hub adapter to make a non disc brake hub, disc brake capable can be done BUT it may not be the most cost effective / best solution. Basically, for front wheel application, you would need to have one of the hub adapters to grip the front hub and then a second...
  15. Andyinchville1

    Lets build an electric starter for the China girl motorized bicycle .

    Re: Lets build an electric starter for the China girl . Hi guys, Believe it or not , I think electric starting the Chinese 2 strokes can be done without adding a starter motor or using a separate drill !! Let me give you a little background on this... Recently I bought an older generator...
  16. Andyinchville1

    Ebay disc coversion kit??

    Hi Tom, I have seen the fork strength issue brought up in a couple different places but here is one link that I found again (look under the disc brake section): This link did not get specifically into the "lawyer lips" per se but it...
  17. Andyinchville1

    Ebay disc coversion kit??

    HI, I like the concept of being able to add a disc brake to any bike. However, I did read somewhere though that adding a front disc brake to a bike that was not originally designed for a disc brake can be potentially dangerous because the front fork may not be strong enough to handle the...
  18. Andyinchville1

    Is a motorized bicycle just a bike when on the sidewalk?

    Re: Is a M-bike just a bike when on the sidewalk? HI, If in your area they allow you to ride a m-bike on the side walk just as a pedestrian would walk on a sidewalk, I would assume (by extension) that you should be able to cross in a crosswalk to the other side just as a pedestrian would...
  19. Andyinchville1

    2-speed for ht bicycle engines?

    Re: 2-speed for ht's? HI, I Like it....BUT I can't get my head around how something like that would work. Andrew
  20. Andyinchville1

    motorized drift trikes

    HI, Just curious but what are the rear tires wrapped with? Thanks! Andrew