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  1. Jumpa

    For Old Guys Only

    So sorry to hear this KC It pisses me off beyond comprehension, The sad fact of the matter is unless you have your hand on your gun when they break in there isn't much one can do without risking it all & if you do have a piece under a desk or something n reach in my state you are now violating...
  2. Jumpa

    Ground wire on magneto burnt, is this common?

    yea prob. is , I only spent $50 bucks on it at Lowes. It comes in handy for other stuff though
  3. Jumpa

    Ground wire on magneto burnt, is this common?

    never mind I figured it out.... some how it was my CDI ! Swapped it with an older one I had SPARK O MATIC!! Nice blue arc too then swapped back the original to see if it may have been a loose connection and no spark again.... put spare back on again Nice blue arc. Yet I was getting a...
  4. Jumpa

    Ground wire on magneto burnt, is this common?

    ok parked bike last night was fine, got up today pedaled my arse off to no avail I have no spark yet coil and meg check out to be ok on the ohms meter. One thing that boggles my brain ...I put the positive "red" ohmmeter lead to the white wire "directly off the magneto & the black to...
  5. Jumpa

    How I crossed the country onm a Neracar for under 20 bucks

    I'm not sure if anyone posted this story regardless I found it a fun read & wanted to share it
  6. Jumpa

    My bike's engine turns over, but it doesn't start.

    Drake , First off ,these guys answering you are all professionals with very good advise.especially 2door I have a question Drake, when your bike "lost all power" and stopped was the motor still running fine?? You say it lost power .. I only ask because I had a guy describe to me the...
  7. Jumpa

    the 66 C.C. Armored division

    Straight outta broken engines.
  8. Jumpa

    Grubee Skyhawk, drive sprocket (10T) keyway too wide

    vise grip & dremel .. problem solved Oh yea and safety goggles. P.S. sorry it took almost 3 years for someone to reply to your question, It is very rare that you do not get 3 or 4 quick responses, by quick I mean in under an hour, I only found this because I searched out "66 CC drive gear...
  9. Jumpa

    NO IDLE 80cc skyhawk bicycle

    get the NT speed carb by far the best carb I've had, and the short aluminum intake that ends the carb issues for a good long time .. At least it did for me
  10. Jumpa

    I got hit by a car today on my MB.

    Glad you are ok LSR WOW. a 35 mph dump and the bike was still rideable? Whats it made of kevlar & titanium I dumped one at about 10 -15 mph and practically had to scrap it.
  11. Jumpa

    Question REG. sprockets adapter

    is the one pictured above a quality one ?
  12. Jumpa

    Question REG. sprockets adapter

    Do these type sprockets bolt onto where the rotor goes on the hub? If so has anyone tried them out? Tthe holes on my hub seem rather thin to be taking all that force, then again we've seen smaller bolts take a lot more. Thanks for any info good or bad! .flg...
  13. Jumpa

    SCHWINN RANGER 26" Tires

    thanks alot for the reply Crass
  14. Jumpa

    SCHWINN RANGER 26" Tires

    Has anyone ever attempted to motorize this bike & frame I just scored this almost new bicycle at a yard sale and was curious if any of my fellow M.B'ers have attempted this build or is it a waste of my time to try it I cant find my tape measure
  15. Jumpa


    Is the clutch cable sloppy I had something like this happen once, it was the clutch arm "under the carb" was jammed against the frame seat tube and wouldnt release when I let it out So I popped it out with a tap of a wrench then a slight bending adjustment "to the clutch arm under the carb"...
  16. Jumpa

    Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

    I'm not sure if this is on here or not but i was looking at some new locks or cables & chains They didn't have the length I wanted so I found some old chain I had laying around and decided to use it but was worried about the chain chipping the paint So I found an old 300C or 27" bicycle...
  17. Jumpa

    Need to help out a fellow rider.

    "Mike B" ..You're an Awesome person Sir, & this isn't the first time Ive seen you help out a fellow M/B rider either !! Keep up the good work!! I hope the good comes back to you tenfold sir!!!
  18. Jumpa

    My first build

    take the fenders off then toss them in the trash before they kill you!!!!
  19. Jumpa

    Well, looks like I won't be riding anymore

    One thing they can not steal is the memories you will have forever of building it with your father I lost my dad in 2005 He helped me build my 93 Mustang & I swear I had more fun working on it with him than the car itself & Id trade it for an hour with him today . On a second note...
  20. Jumpa

    Would like to offer a new engine mounted chain tensioner to the motorbike community!

    Re: Would like to offer a new engine mounted chain tensioner to the motorbike communi why don't you take the roller / wheel to a lathe and cut a groove in it like map does to his wheels? I've been using one of his for about a year now w/no problems No disrespect intended but does the...