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  1. Jemma Hawtrey

    Must see this

    Looks like it might be expansion water-cooled (the black tank under the top bar).. The three section tank confuses me... specially since one section is pressurised (see pump push on LHS) and the other two dont appear to be... two I could understand.. but three? It looks like there is a...
  2. Jemma Hawtrey

    Puch powered bike

    You could try getting hold of the sachs motor that they did in the 60's. It was a 2 speed manual transmission - I think a 50cc but not sure.
  3. Jemma Hawtrey

    Hello from the UK

    It doesnt matter if you kill the motor or you dont use it... so long as its on the bike its a moped so far as the police are concerned.. so they'll charge you anyways.. and thats the minimum you can expect in fines and points etc Jemma xx
  4. Jemma Hawtrey

    Hello from the UK

    They are doing a crackdown on such machines apparently... and 6 points plus a £200 fine is about average for what you can expect..
  5. Jemma Hawtrey

    Hello from the UK

    I wouldnt bother... unless you SVA/Register/Insure.. these bikes are illegal in the UK. Theres so many stupid rules its just not worth the time and trouble.
  6. Jemma Hawtrey

    1950's Dynacycle

    That could be fairly easily fabbed from a standard HT kit with a few modifications.. The only thing that concerns me is that its a non-pedal kit which would definately cause problems here and in other places. I love the bike its on and the motor itself.. and its a shame that the company...
  7. Jemma Hawtrey

    I'm Getting a Moped Instead

    Its quite simple - you can build/tinker and invent with these machines - with a moped you just sit on it and thats as far as you go. Not to mention - its a pushbike - it doesnt need insurance, it doesnt need to be taxed - it does more to the gallon of petrol than any other form of transport...
  8. Jemma Hawtrey

    It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

    Hi, The bike itself is a usual chain. The motor drive is a belt to a sheave on the back wheel. I lived up Luton way for a while - not the most pleasant place from what I recall. The trick with higher speeds is good brakes and a decent suspension. My old bike was a non suspension at...
  9. Jemma Hawtrey

    A novel approach

    Spinning over a motor like that shouldnt be that dangerous... just when it fires remove hand before it removes it for you - that or use a starter stick. Although I wouldnt want to go over the handlebars on that one I have to admit. Tatra made at least one experimental car with a propellor...
  10. Jemma Hawtrey

    It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

    Hey, The bike is at the moment my own form of transport so I ride it quite alot. I think on this machine I am somewhere around the 1000 mile mark. I did about 20 miles or so yesterday. The longest trip I usually do is Lexden to Mersea which is around a 22 mile round trip depending on the...
  11. Jemma Hawtrey

    It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

    I've been riding round essex for over two years and nary a whine from the police - 'cepting once so they could have a look at it and my legs and cos they were bored... that and I had just done a roundabout at 30mph on a pushbike without a helmet lol... I shouldnt worry about legality or...
  12. Jemma Hawtrey

    New exhaust

    Whats the actual performance difference between the stock exhaust and this new one? It looks good enough that you could probably start selling them - suits the look of the engine very well indeed. Jemma xx
  13. Jemma Hawtrey

    Looking for gloves.

    I could never get that thinsulate stuff to want to work for me... I always felt cold with the pair of those I had... maybe I am strange in that respect Jemma xx
  14. Jemma Hawtrey

    Last TITANIC suvivor in need!

    *sigh* It doesnt surprise me - but then the German - oops, sorry *our* royal family are probably the most unpleasant bunch of nerks on the planet, bar Generalissimo Bush. If might be worth setting up a group on facebook to see if people will donate, I cant really think of much else. Re the...
  15. Jemma Hawtrey

    What kind of lights are you using?

    The 6V light came as part of the bike - A schwinn deluxe 7 cruiser and is integrated into the front fender with two x head captive nuts. To be honest both together are bearable - and it means people dont miss you - but to be honest they are marginal at best for road work as if there is...
  16. Jemma Hawtrey

    Over 200pounds on a 50cc Dax

    You would have to have *extremely* steep ratios to pedal assist up to 35mph and to be frank it wouldnt be at all safe as the CoG would be all over the place.. I didnt get 35mph out of mine until I fitted up a tuned pipe - which might be worth looking at Jemma xx
  17. Jemma Hawtrey

    Before and after. The copper chopper.. kind of.

    I like that copper colour - it really suits the frame and looks very professionally done... I concur on the chain - the last thing you want is those to have a wibble at high speed and munch things. A highline (aka over the top of the motor) tuned pipe would really suit that build and give...
  18. Jemma Hawtrey

    Over 200pounds on a 50cc Dax

    To be honest its not so much the tare weight of any particular rider and bike thats the problem when it comes to speed although it does have some effect. Its more a function of wind resistance. For example - if I can get 35mph with an all up weight of say 200lbs in a sat up position (which...
  19. Jemma Hawtrey

    List of the best top quality long lasting rugged engines

    I have done over 1000 miles on a golden eagle machine, and probably 700 on the one I had before that before it was stolen. The trick with those is to make sure you set them up properly - as with everything really. Most bikes will be ok - but be very very sure they have decent brakes (and...
  20. Jemma Hawtrey

    What kind of lights are you using?

    I have a battery LED taillight that could blind you if you look right at it.. Headlights are dealt with using a 6vt fitted battery headlight on the front fender of the bike and a 3vt dynamo light (actually brighter) which runs off the rear wheel of the bike.. I have set the cycle computer...