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  1. sbest

    Converting 66cc 2 stroke to diesel.

    There is a company called Sonex that converts Rotax 2 strokes to diesel for use in drones. Here is a pict of their conversion> Here is to hoping that you can find more info about it and share.
  2. sbest

    Square or round exhaust port?

    Spiraling gasses take a longer path than gasses going straight through the port. Squaring up the port at the window will help to straighten them as well as give a sharp pulse as the exhaust port opens. Once gasses are straightened the ports should be round. The header connection should be round...
  3. sbest

    3 HP Briggs/Cranbrook Build

    That degree of angle will not hurt a B&S. They suffer a lot more in many applications. Think about most rototillers.
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    Why no 212cc builds?

    I liked Tony's comment about conjecture vs experience. You can read and dream all you want, it takes work and experience to make it true. Ya gotta crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Learn how to make a stock 66cc China Girl run reliable before you start modifying. Put it to the...
  5. sbest

    2 stroke oil mixture

    There is a mile's worth of gas/oil in the carb bowl. I look in the tank, figure roughly how much gas there is and oil I'll need. Dump the oil in, pour the gas in and it will mix with the fuel dumped in and the mile of riding. I have used this system on my street legal KTM 125 and all my...
  6. sbest

    More engine problems.

    30-35mph is about normal for a good working 66cc with 44t sprocket. Rubber mounts are not a good idea, cause a lot of vibration, not deaden it. Best to solid mount the engine to the frame for the least vibration. There is nowhere near enough torque to snap any size chain links, so if you are...
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    More engine problems.

    Ouch! Fuel restriction can cause a lean condition that could damage the piston and cylinder. The only thing worse would be a hole in a gasket, causing a lean condition that could damage the piston and cylinder. It is not looking good. If the head bolts were loose it would likely blow out the...
  8. sbest

    Mixing cylinder bodies?

    Yeah, like Crassius said! I've swapped cylinders around using gaskets to make up the height difference. I've also used basegaskets to play with port timing. Got a bunch of heads with with different heights (I filed them) to get the squish gap right. Experiment, play! You will learn lots.
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    35cc bike kits?

    You gotta look up this guy: Alex Keifer, small 4 stroke and a gearbox, aluminum frame. Damn! I didn't notice...
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    Newbe from Montréal Canada

    Wow! That cargo is so unique. Love it! It screams for a motor. Nice work!
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    I love the "patina" finish! I am wondering about your drive. Are the pedals always powered? How does it work?
  12. sbest

    Powder Coating Options

    I love "Hammertone". I tend to use Hammertone Aluminum a lot for frame and engine colours. Hammertone hides minor irregularities well and ages well. Another favourite colour of mine is "Gunmetal". Kind of a dark metallic grey, it hides dirt and wear better than black or silver. A...
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    I finally joined!

    Ahhh, Necro is so negative... Some of us have managed a lot of reliable miles on our 2 stroke "China Girls", even with the stock parts. You definitely have the skills to make one last. Some hints: Mount it securely to the frame. No drilling the frame. No welding. Level the carb and clean the...
  14. sbest

    66cc 80cc chinese engine kit, Final

    Yes, I am a fan of the rag joint as well. Lots of miles, lots of power on it. You are right, well aligned and proper chain tension (some slack!) and keeping the spokes in tune. I use a dial indicator to true my sprocket and wheel but you could use a wire or pointer: Absolutely make sure your...
  15. sbest

    Newbe from Montréal Canada

    Bonjour de la Nouvelle-Ecosse. Bon a entendre d'un autre Canadien. Trop froid pour faire du velo ici maintnant, mais un bontemp de faire des fabrications. Ne jamais oublier que nous voulons beaucoup de photos!
  16. sbest

    Anyone seen this kind of fail before?

    I have a lot of experience with gears. A lot of gears used in industry are cast iron and most common gears are not heat treated unless they are highly loaded. I'd suggest the gears were not greased and simply wore to nothing.
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    Meantime, back on the balmy east coast of Canada: Good news is NO mosquitoes! Gasoline is going for $4.20/us-gal cdn, which is only $3,15us with exchange. I don't like my 15% sales tax, but I've had to use the free medical care far to often. I probably use as much energy to heat as you use...
  18. sbest

    Cyclemaster on a BSA paratroop bike

    I used to go deer hunting with a rifle (M70, M98K, or LE#4Mk1, LE#5Mk1, P14, I have a few) slung over my back. Actually brought a deer home slung on this bike (with the M98K). About 1984.
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    Cheapest engine kit I've seen.

    How can you go wrong?
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    GY6 Carb Upgrade from 24mm to 26mm ?

    Your problem, "rough idle when returning from run position", tends to be be from a mixture imbalance, rich or lean, of either the high speed or low speed circuit. I don't know your carb, but typically the idle circuit is not adjustable on most of these small carbs. If it has a needle metering...