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  1. dvddtz

    Pirate Cycles

    Pirate Cycles is AWESOME.I have made a few orders and have had only one problem,which Justin bent over backwards to fix.I will order from them again,for sure.
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  4. Huffy Cranbrook 2600 miles before I sold it.

    Huffy Cranbrook 2600 miles before I sold it.

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  7. The latest w/out my new carb.Thanks Arnie

    The latest w/out my new carb.Thanks Arnie

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  10. dvddtz

    HF Qmatic in modern Schwinn

    Really nice job LS,I think Im going to build a 4 stroke next.After 17 two strokes its time for a change.I will be keeping up with your thread.Thanks
  11. dvddtz

    How to Install Coaster Brake over Manic Mechanic Sprocket Adapter

    I got a new prebent arm from Pirate Cycles,it worked real good for me.
  12. dvddtz

    hello from pensacola,fl

    That would be awesome rddrgn2.Lets see if we get any interest,but Im game for sure.
  13. dvddtz

    hello from pensacola,fl

    Im on 69th Ave,close to Fairfield.The company I work for moved to Gulf Breeze.I got my DL back a week ago and havnt been riding much.I was riding about 15 miles a day.I miss riding my MB all the time.We should try and hook up and go for a ride one day.Theres another guy,Ron,aka NEAT TIMES,he...
  14. dvddtz

    if i Raffled off a bike, would you buy a ticket?

    10 or 25 is good.Ill buy at least one.
  15. dvddtz

    hello from pensacola,fl

    Hey Mike,Welcome to the forum,and to another Pensacolian.What part of P'cola? David
  16. dvddtz

    If you had to pedal..

    I have peddled 6 miles home before,I just take the engine chain off,then its just another bike,although heavier.
  17. dvddtz

    Frame failure

    I had a Cranbrook,and put over 3000 miles on it with no problems,then sold it and as far as I know it is still going.I did put a suspension fork on it,but that was the only change I made.Just check it over regularly and you should be fine.
  18. dvddtz

    What do You do for a living?

    I was a Brunswick Pinsetter mechanic for 20 yrs,now Im a warehouse mgr./shipping clerk.
  19. dvddtz

    No Head Gasket Opinions

    I ran my old motor about 6500 miles with out a base gasket.It did make a difference,not alot,but some.You just have to make sure the piston doesnt hit the spark plug,and it changes the intake and exhaust timing slightly,but to no ill affect(for me anyway).
  20. dvddtz

    Repair Stand - Harbour Freight

    New Pro Mechanic Bicycle Bike Wheel Hub Repair Stand - eBay (item 120651325202 end time Dec-01-10 15:06:01 PST) I bought one of these a couple weeks ago,and I like it alot.I paid 15.00 plus 9.99 for shipping.You can probably get it for less if the bidding goes your way.It has no problem...