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  1. bluck

    1957 Schwinn 99cc Predator

    -1957 Schwinn Original frame -99cc Engine only 16.5 hours driven on it -Custom made aluminum flywheel -PZ19 carb -Sportsman Flyer wide cranks and pedals -EZ-Qmattic silent transmission gearing can be adjusted just by turning pulley in or out -Custom made gas tank -Monark II HD Fork with Disc...
  2. bluck

    3000W SBP Battery Questions

    Hi guys I am looking for the smallest amp battery to safely power the 3000W cyclone motor from Sick Bike Parts. I wanted to know where is the best place to get a battery preferably 52v and what amps should I get to keep the battery from dying to early. I would prefer a type of battery that...
  3. bluck

    Friction Drive for a 20inch Tire

    Hi guys I was looking for a friction drive kit for a bmx bike that has 20 inch tires. I was hoping to get a 49cc motor on it. Let me know if such friction drive kit exists I tried looking for some but could only find for 26 inch tires. If I have to downgrade to a smaller motor thats fine too...
  4. bluck

    My first motor bike

    Hi guys I've been on this forum for about a year now, I've asked a good amount of questions throughout the year. I thought it was finally time I introduced myself and a history of my first motor bike from the very first day that I bought it last year March 2016 till now May 2017. With this...
  5. bluck

    Anyone have a 79-99cc build w/EZQmatic?

    I have a 99cc predator bike with an ezqmatic transmission and I just finished putting it together a couple days ago. I wanted to ask how is your acceleration as mines is pretty bad and I believe it's the clutch not letting it engage fast enough. My 50cc 4 stroke Huasheng can outperform it from...
  6. bluck

    New 99cc won't turn on

    I have a 99cc predator engine with the governor removed it's new and I just installed it on my bike 2 days ago. When I tried to turn it on it will not turn on. When I applied the choke and full throttle and tried to turn it on flames shoot out the exhaust and makes a loud pop sound. I...
  7. bluck

    79cc Carb Replacement

    Hi guys I wanted to replace the carb on the 79cc Predator engine with a vm20 mikuni carburetor and wanted to know if it would work if I jet it down or is there any other carb that I can use? I looked at AGK's 19mm carb but it has been sold out when I tried to buy it thats what it said. So just...
  8. bluck

    Guy Built Lamborghini In His Basement

    Check this guy out he built a lamborghini from scratch I thought some of you guys might appreciate this if you haven't seen it. It took him over 17 years to build and he had to knock down his wall just to get the car out crazy! A quick summary of what he went through...
  9. bluck

    Need Motor Mounts for KTM50 Engine

    Hi guys I've been trying to find someone that can make me or sells some mounts for the KTM50. My bike is a typical V-Frame bike and I have everything needed for the bike. The engine, carb. air filter, CDI, the bike is already set up with the gas tank/ throttle etc, I even have clamps to help...
  10. bluck

    Will 420 Chain Fit my Sprocket?

    I bought a ktm50 clone from thatsdax and the engine sprocket uses 420 chains. Is it possible to use the 420 chain with the china girl kit sprocket? I actually have the Manic Mechanic adapter and 44 tooth sprocket and wanted to use the 420 chain.
  11. bluck

    New Motor Destroyed

    Hey guys I bought a new motor from (second motor from them). I got it started up first time yesterday night and drove it about 3-4 minutes no problem (speed carb). Today I received an RT Carb from Dax. As I was putting in the new throttle cable I noticed that there was a small...
  12. bluck

    What is this?!?! How would you even start mounting an engine like this? Such a crazy concept anyone have other pictures just curious about this engine
  13. bluck

    Engine Number Change, Mistake California

    Hi guys so I sent in my form to the DMV and gave the bike frame as a VIN and the engine number as a sticker on the engine, I got my registration card and everything was good. I then proceeded to do an oil change on the bike and found out that the engine actually has a legitimate serial number...
  14. bluck

    Registering a Motor Driven Cycle in California

    I bought this bike off of craigslist. It is a 110cc 4 stroke engine with a bike frame. I am planning to register the bike in the DMV as it looks a lot like a motorcycle and there is no way I would get away without doing so unlike my other china girl bicycle. I was wondering what information I...
  15. bluck

    Difference Between 2 Raw Motor Kits

    So these two motor kits cost about the same and one says the price was cut down from $379 to $199 (GT6 Pro Racing 66/80cc Bicycle engine kit). While they have another for sale 80cc Raw Motor Bicycle Engine Kit for $169 and was previously $189. Now I'm not sure what is the big difference that...
  16. bluck

    JackShaft Kit Compatible Bikes

    I was looking into starting a new build on another bike and wanted a list of compatible Road/Mountain bikes that are stock(or require minimal[cheap] modifications to the rear shifting mechanism ie. not having to buy nuvinci hub) that can accommodate a jack shaft kit. I currently have a schwinn...