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  1. philymitch

    Old but new

    I has been 13 years since I have been on this forum. I was just wondering if the same group of guys were here.
  2. philymitch

    look at this le run

    i found this for $3 at a yard sale thought it was kinda cool. tell me what you think and if you know what it called.
  3. philymitch

    50cc or 80cc

    is there a noticeable difference between the 50cc and the 80cc. I went and ordered the wrong motor now I am stuck with the 50cc I hope it works. :-||:-||
  4. philymitch

    starting a new build US ARMY style

    This is a new build I am doing. I started with a Schwinn beach cruiser and completely striped the bike of all components. I removed all the old blue pant and primer so I could start with a clean slate, and now I am painting it with od green. Next I will pull the covers from the motor and paint...
  5. philymitch

    Rear motor mount

    This is a rear mount I built to get my carb to sit level. I dont have the fancy tools some you have so just keep that in mind when you see it. The only tools I used were a hacksaw, drill, and a wrench but i got it done. Sorry for the links but I have to learn how to make the pics smaller...
  6. philymitch

    Let me pick your brain

    Whats up guys I was just watching TV and had a thought. Some of us say a boost bottle helps throttle response and some say it don't work at all. Now what if you use the same set up but instead of the boost bottle you would use a propane bottle. So after the motor is started on gas you could...
  7. philymitch

    Runs great at 20mph but

    My bike runs good at 20mph and starts within 10 feet. All is good till you hit 23mph then the motor acts like it wants to die like starving for air or out of gas. I put a new spark plug and wire in, cleaned the carb. cleaned the air filter, and put all new gaskets on the intake, carb, and...
  8. philymitch

    No more flat tires

    Hi you guys I found this on youtube and wanted to pass it on YouTube - NoTubes - Tire Sealant, Path of Death Puncture Demo Here is the site so you can get some to. I just ordered some so i will do some tests like they did.... on some old wheels. I will post the results soon. Here is there...
  9. philymitch

    locking gas cap

    Hey guys does anyone know where to get a locking gas cap for the 1/2 gallon tanks. I go to school at night and don't trust some of the students. I dont want people to dump like coke, water, or do any thing to my gas. I you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks for your time. dnut
  10. philymitch

    A modification for throttles

    I found this throttle at my local lawnmower shop but I found it on line for you guys also. Here is the link Wagglepop - Minibike Throttle Twist Grips 7/8 And Cable 48 - Item: 601926 - Ends: Tue Mar 10, 10:50 PM Make sure you order the size for your handle bars This upgrades your...
  11. philymitch

    Not even a month old

    I pulled the cover off today and this is what I found. the big gear is striped what can cause this and do you think it is still under warranty. Its the spot between the red lines. .bld.
  12. philymitch

    80cc specialized hardrock xxl frame

    This is my first build
  13. philymitch

    Fresno ca

    lets get together for a cruise around Fresno CA hit me up at [email protected] lets ride.rd.
  14. philymitch

    anyone ever used rubber motor mounts

    I am a newbie to motor bicycling and think I stumbled across something. Has any one ever used rubber motor mounts. The reason I ask is the other day I was out on a ride and one of my motor came loose, my motor had lots more power and the screech went away and at wot the hesitation was gone...
  15. philymitch

    new to motorbicycling

    I got my first kit last week and I love it. The info on this site is out of this world. I have never seen a bunch of people so helpful to others thanks for all your posts. I have two questions about these motors. 1. has any one ever made a or bought a rubber motor mount for these kits. The...