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  1. charles.paskell

    new e bike...
  2. charles.paskell

    I know this is the wrong spot for it but you have to see this

    Upside down trike anyone want to try to put a motor on this thing?
  3. charles.paskell

    some basic truths' about riding to keep the peace

    If you think your bike looks good, it does. If you like the way your bike rides, it’s an awesome bike. You don’t need to spend a million dollars to have a great bike, but if you do spend a million dollars and know what you want you’ll probably also have a great bike. Yes, you can tour...
  4. charles.paskell

    SBS J40 sealed led acid batteries for sale

    I have (6) J40 12 volt SBS batteries for sale. 7.70 X 6.50 X 6.70 X 38.2 M6 terminals id like to see 50 bucks for each of them OBO
  5. charles.paskell

    selling grubee skyhawk anglefire

    selling grubee skyhawk anglefire missing air filter and needs new actuater pin, chain runs. I am willing to part it out you will need to pay for shipping which i will gladly take out of the price of the motor.
  6. charles.paskell

    Friction drive wanted...

    I need to buy a working used a friction drive motor. on a budget and I want to ride again. Thank you.
  7. charles.paskell

    the bikers creed

    THE BIKER'S CREED I ride because it is fun. I ride because I enjoy the freedom I feel from being exposed to the elements, and the vulnerability to the danger that is intrinsic to riding. I do not ride because it is fashionable to do so. I ride my machine, not wear it. My machine...
  8. charles.paskell

    2 the guy who is up his own

    OK so u make custom parts SO WHAT Who enables you to do so????? I ll tell you who your customers you should not be so bold as to say that they cant order parts from you as this is u r client base I cant find u r thread I thought Id start my own on this subject I wouldn't buy from you if...
  9. charles.paskell

    800+ miles and then....

    well, my chain broke 800+ miles, it was the original chain that came with my grubee. I am surprised it lasted that long but thats not all, as it turns out the chain somehow ripped the chain tenchner wheel right off and I couldent find it. So I am left with no transportation, I had just filled...
  10. charles.paskell

    180 bucks!

    gas bike. net sent me an emaill sead the new 2010 grubees are selling for 180 thats a great price considering the Improved parts on it just thought id pass along the info brnot
  11. charles.paskell

    some neat cycles

    hey i stumbled across(or should I say stumble upon) these pics of some cool bikes the cow one would go great with that bone looking seat which no one wants to try I thought that someone might enjoy the pics
  12. charles.paskell

    Why cant we have a forum just for mountain bike motor bikes?

    I am asking why not have a forum dedicated solely to mountain MB's? Im not putting anyone down for there creations but i dont like road bike style MB's(tires flat too easily rims warp at a little pot hole in the road and i like to be able to hop on the curb if i need to) to be honest the only...
  13. charles.paskell

    this is a new one in me....

    Ive been riding bicycles for as long as I can remember and this has never ever happened to me my tube blew out (slowly?) it happened on the seam of the tube it just ripped but it slowly ripped anyone have this happen to them? :-||
  14. charles.paskell

    how abought these stretch scoots

    i just found these pics of Yamaha scooters Im not much of a scooter guy but these are stretched and tricked out.
  15. charles.paskell

    can i?

    Can i run regular engine oil in my 2 stroke mb? ive run out of 2 stroke oil and this bike is my only transportation
  16. charles.paskell

    most of yall know me by now...

    Well I have another problem it seems that i need a new bucking bar mine wore out and is not allowing my clutch to Disengage I dont like riding without my clutch but am forced to as its my only way to get around. i have to say without my clutch being able to disengage, riding its a little sketchy...
  17. charles.paskell

    Happy Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day every one..... A great day to have a beer and a burger on the grill, the burger on the grill not the beer on the grill LOL .flg.usflg let us take this day to remember our War Vets.
  18. charles.paskell

    help please

    I think that my clutch arm pivot shaft is messed up, the clutch stays engaged Ive tried adjusting the cable and tapping on the fly wheel side of the clutch.....nothing so im thinking that I need that part cause it has some wear on the part that contacts the bar thing inside the motor to actuate...
  19. charles.paskell

    i got up to...

    38 mph.. i know thats not alot but this was the first time i was clocked (by a moving car) Also its the first time ive had money to get gas and oil in like a month so ive not been motoring around town like i like to do, instead ive been pedaling my bicycle but i have her up and running again I...
  20. charles.paskell

    help i need...

    I need a working magneto coil if anyone has one laying around they could ship me, I could pay for shipping and a couple extra dollars for your time This MB is my sole mode of transport any help would be appreciated. thanks Charles PS im not just looking for a handout and i dident want to ask...