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  1. MB-Monkey

    Yo stopped back in after a few years wanted to say HI-Ya!

    Yo stopped back in after a few years wanted to say HI-Ya!
  2. MB-Monkey

    MB-Monkey Still Lives

    Yes i just caught up on the Happy thread. I MISS VEGAS (shouting at the top of my lungs) But the weather here is so much better. Too small townish for me here but at least my ulcers have stop acting up with much less stress. The wife and I are going to be here for a long time now so Just going...
  3. MB-Monkey

    Happy Travels

    Answered my own question regarding happys body....Boooooo is all i can say
  4. MB-Monkey

    Happy Travels

    Glad to see Happy still lives anyone know what happened to his body?
  5. MB-Monkey

    Dan dan he's our man if he can't do it ....then screw it cause your a genius. Just saying hello...

    Dan dan he's our man if he can't do it ....then screw it cause your a genius. Just saying hello man long time no see
  6. MB-Monkey

    Sorry to put a damper on things here

    Thoughts and prayers got out to you and your family I pray for a full recovery
  7. MB-Monkey

    MB-Monkey Still Lives

    Just living in the TN foothills with lousy internet connection. I miss seeing you guys around the chat just wanted to stop in and say HI. Hope all of you are well and I really want to know Where the **** is Happy these days was he ever found and moved on? Be well for now and... dnut .wee...
  8. MB-Monkey

    New Spark plug wire or how to ruin a CDI

    now that stinks it seems alot of things coming from china lately have been glued in place i saw someone else talking about a carb screw being glued as well.
  9. MB-Monkey

    fat frame motor on a small tube frame?

    Have they change the kits or is the front mount still removable if so order a replacement front mount for the small size tube that's what i would do
  10. MB-Monkey

    Engine keeps stalling

    sounds like your getting crap in your fuel line the tanks are really fillled with crap when you get them. flush the whole fuel system and see how that works out for you
  11. MB-Monkey

    problem with start up

    I agree Clean the air filter get a new plug a NGK for sure then its time to tune in the carb needle. 32:1 air cooled 2 stroke oil, or 40:1 synthetic oil I like to use Amsoil Saber at 50:1 NAPPA auto parts has them or SBP if you like to order on line. During Break in you run super rich and that...
  12. MB-Monkey

    Chinese engine no start.

    Congratulations on getting it running. Its funny how I can hear his great accent just in reading his posts. Great job for a Spaniard.
  13. MB-Monkey

    Why is this stock sprocket so annoying to put on?

    Rag joints just suck out loud. Weakest point in the kits in my opinion. everyone has givenn great advice.
  14. MB-Monkey

    Manhattan Tandem Lives

    Fantastic looking Tandem I have wanted to see one done for a long time now. Great job. now you can add 2 side cars and carry a family of 4. Video of it in action would be great to see.
  15. MB-Monkey

    Just a question....

    a shoe motor now why didn't i think of that
  16. MB-Monkey

    Muffler way too low

    Looking at your pictures it seems to bit a bit low. I would adjust the angle of the motor so that the carb sits level yours appears to be at a slight pitch. Change the angle until the carb is level and see how much clearance you have.
  17. MB-Monkey

    To our moderators

    I really don't want my 9 year old reading curse words at all. The mods do a great job and have for a long time. It is a now benefit job give em a break.
  18. MB-Monkey

    Happy Travels

    Remember too happy caught crabs in vegas so we know he is really nasty at times. Glad to see he is still making the rounds.
  19. MB-Monkey

    Made in the USA

    The average labor wage in China is about 25 American dollars per month. It is also a govt controlled workforce without civil rights. I am not saying we should boycott Chinese goods but when you can find an american product that you can afford don't buy the cheapest thing you can find.
  20. MB-Monkey

    slow compuer? argh

    I would agree if you can't find an infection may be time for a format. Windows XP also has core kernal issues esp if it has a ton of software added to it then taken away. Back up your data and Format. That should solve the issue.