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  1. decoherence

    Loud mouthed' cell phone users

    when i encounter a loud person on a cell phone i politely say," phones where invented to replace yelling to get heard.". if they don't get it i "join" their conversation. i do the same to crying children. i cry back @ them. they usually stop.
  2. decoherence

    Florida mopeds

    spoken like a teacher & a gentleman.
  3. decoherence

    question for a machinist about 2 stroke heads

    redesign head & possibly jug to fit a frame. it reminds me something about a horse & cart. or was that cart & horse?
  4. decoherence

    Florida mopeds

    i'm leaving your other questions alone but i know these two. question six is answered w/"after the drive system is engaged" the clutch is only use to engage & disengage the engine. question 7 shift kit w/derailer would make it illegal. some sort of auto shift kit would be legal as long...
  5. decoherence

    Pulled over again!

    nice one tom. i so would love to say something to add but it would just come off as trolling. so your post is probably the best P.C. way of saying it.
  6. decoherence

    R.I.P. Maurice Sendak.

    R.I.P. Maurice Sendak. Where the Wild Things Are. & In The Night Kitchen. where some of my favorite children books. back in '98 i was @ a rave & some guy had the wild thing plushies. i danced & danced with them & cried & cried w/joy. 10 years ago (before the movie) i bought the wild...
  7. decoherence

    Adam Yauch "MCA" R.I.P.

    i recommend anyone that thinks they don't like the beastie boys check out, " the in sound from way out ". it is a collection of only acoustic tracks. i play it for people w/o telling them who it is till they hear it all. i have people think it is stealy dan or the like. i personaly bought the...
  8. decoherence

    New safety accessory!

    i think i REALLY want that "cats claw". "i will have to get that hard to find "710" cap i NEED it for my china girl.
  9. decoherence

    Chinese toys?

    i have 0 experience w/ any of those products so take what i say with a few grains of salt. i see many many china scoots for sale. they always are said to be running but not running well. from what i read is that parts are hard to come by. i own 2 piaggo's (1 is a vespa)
  10. decoherence

    Acorn nuts will destroy your engine

    once i read anything ad hominem, i stop reading.
  11. decoherence

    Pulled Over in Grant Florida

    as stated before riding on a sidewalk is a nono under power. someplaces reserve the right to prevent any bikes on the sidewalk period. my first incounter with an officer went reall well & put a positive image of the moto bike. i was travelling on a rural road an officer saw me & pulled a uturn...
  12. decoherence

    Adam Yauch "MCA" R.I.P.

    when i was young i bought a lot of 45's. Licensed to Ill was the first full album I bought. when i DJ i still play beastie boys tracks. @ our X-mass party the DJ played "girls". out of the 3 i liked MCA the most. as a kid i thought he was so cool. this is the first person that passed that...
  13. decoherence

    Land of the free, home of the brave

    yea thats it! thanx tom. in the last 3 days i have had about 8 hours sleep. my superviser has been trying to screw me over & it has come to a head. today she might have relized that everytime she tried to screw me over i was really putting her in a position where there was wittnesses &...
  14. decoherence

    came across this tool, hates Motorized Bicycles well kinda

    Re: came across this tool, hates MB's well kinda please excuse my speellling for this one post. for somereason when firefox upgraded it seemed to forget autocorrect & i have only had a few hours of sleep. the guy actualy has many good points. my responces will match to his numbered points. 1...
  15. decoherence

    Land of the free, home of the brave

    they are not trying to scare you. don't take it personal. i'm only quoting from memory but, somewhere in the motorcycle handbook it says,"if someone is following you too close. don't speed up. slow down." in fact it doesn't only force them to pass you sooner but it is easier for them to pass...
  16. decoherence

    I need advise to do on ticket and impound on my bike

    you do have a point. they can't ticket you for a moped & a bike. one or both has to be thrown out. i would try to get it nocked down to speed ing on a bike not driving illigaly on a moped.
  17. decoherence

    Pulled Over in Grant Florida

    Re: Going to court next week" 4/26/12 "Sidewalk riding (Section 316.2065(10) and (11), F.S.) A person propelling a vehicle by human power upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, has all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same...
  18. decoherence

    God help us all!

    wow! i was lost trying to read this thread till i saw that a post was pulled. one of my other forums does something fun instead. if one is acting beyond asinine, the edit the offenders post to mak it look as he posted something stupid funny that embarasses him. but still keeps the flow of the...
  19. decoherence

    Pulsejet Engine Kits

    watch how quick there is a thread in the suggestion area " why no pulse jet forum?".