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  1. DanielMaia

    Clutch problems on 4 stroke 49cc engine kit

    Hi there guys, Im having some problems on a 4 stroke engine kit. The first problem was burn completely the clutch, after 5 miles of use. It uses a 11T front sprocket. I thought it was because the 40T sprocket, changed for 44T sprocket, bought a new clutch kit on a local store, went...
  2. DanielMaia

    Idle is a mess, but runs like a jet

    Hi guys, have a lttle problem on a 66cc engine, all stock, with 250 miles on it. The idle, with engine cold, is near the perfection. Very stable and smooth. As the engine gets hotter, the idle starts to increase, and i notice the engine a little "overheated". The engine runs like a jet...
  3. DanielMaia

    [PROJECT] Phelikss 66cc shift kit H.P. on a lightweight bike, objective sub 20kg

    Started this project a few weeks ago, and my objective is mount a lightweight bicycle, with high quality components (especially the wheels). Engine will be a 66cc with some mods: - Puch High comp head - 4x roller bearings on crankshaft and lutch SKF 6202-2RS - High quality roller...
  4. DanielMaia

    My 66cc Cruiser "Bina", with some high perf. mods

    Hi there guys, Here, my Cruiser "Bina", with some high perf-mods, a new front light, with 3200km on it 36T sprocket, almost 40mph on flat
  5. DanielMaia

    What you think about the color of this spark plug?

    Hi there! What you think about the color of this spark plug? The question here is..why is the sark plug so "grey half white", and the engine 4 strokes a lot a high rpm at WOT?
  6. DanielMaia

    Trip at Oporto - Portugal

    Hey there guys, Me and my brother went to Oporto, last Sunday, a 40km trip, really nice weather, photos is what you want, photos is what you get Completed
  7. DanielMaia

    New expansion chamber

    Hi there folks, What you think?
  8. DanielMaia

    High quality Oil Seals | Roller Bearings | Seals | Engine Bearings for 2 stroke

    High quality Oil Seals | Roller Bearings | Engine Bearings for any 2 stroke HT Hey there guys, Just have here some high quality parts for replace the crappy installed on ht engines - 2x Oil Seals High Quality, double lip(stock just have one) 15x27x7 (also fits the magneto side) - 9.40$...
  9. DanielMaia

    66cc, M7 or M8?

    Hey there guys! Another engine i have here, and, one day..i just tighten too much a stud, resulting on a stripped off stud (we only learn by the bad way) Im going to put a Helicoil..but have a doubt, it is M7 or M8? the stud it self it has 7.60mm, on the side of 1.0 thread. But the hole in...
  10. DanielMaia

    running crap at low rpms, nice at high rpms

    Hi there! Have a very weird problem: the engine runs like crap at low rpm. After 15mph, the engine starts to scream well, and go to higher speeds with no vibrations at all. Before i realized that have a piston contact on the cylinder head, so i had a head gasket, and it has 2x gaskets now...
  11. DanielMaia

    Dellorto SHA: 15mm or 16mm, why?

    HI guys! Im thinking in buy one of those little great upgrades, but...the question is, 15mm or 16mm, and why? Both fits on the stock intake, right? thank you
  12. DanielMaia

    Cruiser SeatPost (45º or 60º back)

    Hi guys, Where can i find a cruiser seatpost with a 45 or 60º courve, like this one?
  13. DanielMaia

    66cc engine tear down, setting it for high performance setup

    [VIDEO INSIDE!]66cc engine tear down, setting it for high performance setup Hi guys, I'll tear down a 66cc engine, and need some advices. What i thought to do in this engine: - All new gaskets! - New SKF 6202 roller bearings, 4x - Intake port patched - Exhaust polish and take...
  14. DanielMaia

    How do i remove the roller bearing of rod at the crankshaft?

    Jeez, this is really hard. I want to remove the roller bearing that connects the rod to the crankshaft. It has 3x screws in each side of the crackshaft, how da **** i remove them? they are solded or what.. :S
  15. DanielMaia

    Talking about crankcase portmatching

    Hi there guys, Talking about port matching the crankcase to transfer ports in the cylinder, what gains should do i expect? top end power? low end power? overall performance? crankcase portmatching versus crankcase volume..what theory behind this? The crankcase should be polished to better...
  16. DanielMaia

    Question about spark plug heat range

    Hi there, My 60cc motor revs good, but it gets really really hot! Im using right now a B6HS. Should i use a higher heat range? Like B9HS?
  17. DanielMaia

    Tuning up a Bing 18mm

    Hi Norman, Im trying to tuning up a bing 18mm on my 60cc. It has a main jet size #75, and some symptoms: - I have to accelerate very soft. If i push WOT she hesitates, boggs, she slow down, i close a bit the accelerator, and it revvs good What you think?
  18. DanielMaia

    My 60cc Lizard Bike - Port Matched and few mods :)

    Thats my girl: 60cc motorized bike with a few mods, revving at idle What you think?
  19. DanielMaia

    With a cold start, engine 4 strokes, no power

    Maybe is very common, but i see other 2 stroke engines: even in cold starts it rev's very good, no hesitations, no 4 stroking, nothing, as good as a warmed engine. The thing is: a friend of mine has a 60cc, and i installed a SBP expansion chamber, ada racing air filter, i didn't touch in main...