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    Another Hello From Texas, S.P.I.

    Awesome guys, thanks for all the kind welcomes and advice. I did manage to pick up some new cables from walmart and filed them down to fit. Also had to take the carb apart as the idle adjustment screw was messing up the barrell and had moved it and damaged it. Sanded and filed it a bit and back...
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    Corvette Bike with photos

    My buddy owns a 54 vette and this would be so cool parked next to it. I love the polo white paint, blue flame motor and finned rear end tailight treatment. You must be a 53,54,55 vette owner yourself? (by the way I've got a 53 cast metal vintage piggy bank for sale if interested)
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    Another Hello From Texas, S.P.I.

    Hi Guys, My name is Brad and I'm from Canada actually but spending some time in the South Padre Island area of Texas. I've built a bike back home and picked up a bike down here that needed some work and didn't run. (clutch, back wheel shot, throttle, etc.) I have managed to get it running but I...