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    Sept.7th 2013 NIGHT RACE Willow Springs Speedway 1/4 mile Paved Oval BOARD TRACKING!

    Re: July 27th 2013 NIGHT RACE Willow Springs Speedway 1/4 mile Paved Oval BOARD TRACK Cant wait to get back to Willow Springs. Love the track and facility, especially the restaurant and bar. See you guys around noon, we will be bringing the usual 10 or so guys with us. Thanks to Neil for...
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    Bairdco Racing Series Begins June 16 in Riverside!

    Thanks Baird for putting on a great event. I think everyone had a excellent time. I wish the Amazing Baird bike could have held on a little longer, it was fast all day, love the bike Baird. *The highlight of the day had to be the 2nd heat for the 2 strokes, 4 bikes battling for 2nd place. The...
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    SAT JUNE 2nd Grange Racetrack SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing 2012!!!!

    At the track for camping. Anyone got a Moroni clutch they could bring to the track? 2 piece clutch for an S5.
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    Bairdco Racing Series Begins June 16 in Riverside!

    Tickets now available for pre sale here: See everybody on the track.
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    SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Sat April 7th 2012 Grange Racetrack!!

    What a great event, all of us here at would like to thank Neal for all his hard work in putting on a great event. Hands down the coldest night I ever camped in. I glad to see some 2 stroke pictures up, I took lots of very bad photos. I would like to thank all our guys for...
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    great to have you all out.good times once again with a great race and good riders..kevin,thanks...

    great to have you all out.good times once again with a great race and good riders..kevin,thanks for the great race,couldnt have done it with out you..Jake thanks for all the help with piston bikes crew.Till the next time....
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    Piston Bikes : Phone Number?

    All can relax, we are still here. Phones have been going since 7am pacific time. Phone # is (800) 361-5755 Like the ad above Call us between the hours of 11am-7pm Pacific time If you call and it keeps ringing with no message it means were are on all the lines. Thanks for all the support Robert
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    Weird! "Brand New" motor kit smells like gas!

    Hey guys, sorry about all the confusion. We sell and ship a lot of kits, over the years I have seen benched tested motors. As far as bench tested carbs. I have only seen the CNS V2 carb come out of a new kit with some fuel in the bowl. Fuel did not seem like mixed with 2 stroke. Smells a little...
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    Got Back Doored By Piston Bikes Parts !

    This is Robert from I am sorry about any damage that occurs in transit. Thats why every box we ship is insured. In this case we have shipped out a new headset to this customer for the damage. Shipped priority for free. If any customers have any problems or concerns please...
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    About Piston Bikes

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay in responding to the original question. His order was a back order from 5/9/2011 for a Manic intake. Sorry it took so long to go out, had to order from JNMotors just to fill a couple back orders. Were expecting more products from Manic Mechanic "Jim" soon...
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    sick bike parts universal mount

    Sorry about that, Just updated site with instructions. We are out of stock for two weeks. Check site for stock updates here: SBP Motor Mount
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    Death Race 4-16-2011

    We want to get the show over soon as possible, track has a few other events planed for today. A moto, mini pit race and some sort of cart party. We are allowed on the track all day between all the fun. Get here early. Track conditions still perfect, hot with slight breeze .
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    Death Race 4-16-2011

    Got to the track early today and are camping now at the track, having a blast. Weather conditions are perfect. Can't wait to see all the bikes. We will be giving away a motor kit to the winner of the bike show. See you all soon
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    Grubee Starfire SuperRat Engine Kit!

    We do have the GT5R Skyhawk Super Rat in stock. Motorized Bicycles Gas Bike Engines Gas Powered Bikes Motorized Bicycle Parts Here's the basics, Bigger bearings, larger front mount hole, integrated CDI/Magneto. Bolted one up to my bike, and it did feel quicker but not by much compared...
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    GT-2 Bike

    Almost done with recent gt-2 build. Great frame
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    100:1 Mix

    Looks cold