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  1. mbearden

    Want to build an AWD eBike with 24v and 48v motors?

    Well, to be honest, finished product I have a poor man's awd for now too. I changed things up a bit, for now, and just have the front hub motor on my main bike, and put the rear hub motor on another bike I'm trying to sell or trade for a motorcycle frame (next project is an electric motorcycle)...
  2. mbearden

    Want to build an AWD eBike with 24v and 48v motors?

    Also, has anyone used the Vruzend e-bike battery kits? I think I'm going to build two 800w 52v batteries out of the LG 2.2a cells. I already have the first one started, here is a picture of the first one still in the process of being built. I've decided to do this project slow and correctly from...
  3. mbearden

    Want to build an AWD eBike with 24v and 48v motors?

    So I decided to abandon the 24v motor and sprung for two 1000w 48v hub motors for the front and the rear. I watched a tutorial from Micah at Ebike School on how to wire it up. I didn't have the cash to spring for the cycle annalist though, so I will only get regen braking on one motor. Maybe...
  4. mbearden

    Four stroking while cold

    Good to know, I've been trying to take my time and let it warm up when I can. I've been taking the electric bike on the mornings I'm in a rush. The high compression head makes the motor have a ring to it when it's running. The same noise can be heard if you run your finger over the fins of the...
  5. mbearden

    2 stroke motor running badly

    In my experience, these china girls need a lot of tuning. My advise (and it's probably contrary to some of the guys here) would be to get rid of that carb and get an R/T speed carb. Besides re-jetting, they basically don't need tuned. Check your intake and exhaust gaskets, these are common...
  6. mbearden

    Want to build an AWD eBike with 24v and 48v motors?

    Exactly!! So what you're saying is, there really isn't much point in doing it that way? I guess the biggest reason I was going to do it was I got swindled in a trade for one of my gas bikes. I traded a heavily modified 66cc low torque MB for what I was told was a 48v motorized bike. Got it home...
  7. mbearden

    Want to build an AWD eBike with 24v and 48v motors?

    Okay, so I'm pretty much an eBike noob. I've built two so far, both with SLA batteries, mostly my expertise is in gas bikes, but I need to widen my knowledge. I'm rebuilding the two motors I have into one bike, an Avalon full suspension 26" bike. I have a 48v front hub motor and a 24v rear hub...
  8. mbearden

    Fuel in Magneto Case...

    More than likely the oil seal on the magneto/magnet shaft behind the magnet, if, like said above, it's not leaking down from somewhere else. The fuel is probably coming in from the crankshaft. That would be my guess.
  9. mbearden

    Four stroking while cold

    Well, I honestly should, but most days I leave my apartment with about 5 minutes to get to work, so it's "start it up and roll!" However, once I'm done re-building my 26" 48v E-bike (on a dual suspension Avalon frame) then my short trips to work will be on the electric and the gas will be used...
  10. mbearden

    Four stroking while cold

    Does your engine have any of the same mods as mine? I have two other gas bikes, neither of which as heavily modified, and neither of them do it. I know this bike hasn't ALWAYS done it, but I've also re-built it probably 4 or 5 times, so fat chance of trying to eliminate the issue based on past...
  11. mbearden

    Riding my 29" Cruiser, working on a 26" E-bike build

    Riding my 29" Cruiser, working on a 26" E-bike build
  12. mbearden

    Four stroking while cold

    I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered anywhere else, but I have gone over my bike multiple times and tried multiple things, and this is throwing me for a loop. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So I have a heavily modded 66cc motor on a Genesis 29" cruiser...
  13. mbearden

    How fast can your 49cc Really go?

    No way man! That IS the SBP shift kit, hd freewheel. I just have the case for the left side chain tensioner on there without the tensioner. Here's a picture from the other side. Didn't go with cheap ANYTHING on that bike, lol. Notice the shock front fork with disc brake and ape hangers. This one...
  14. mbearden

    How fast can your 49cc Really go?

    KC! I know this is completely off topic, but I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to build my Cruiser! Genesis 29" with a 66cc and sbp shift kit! Other mods too, including a mega-range bicycle sprocket for the rear wheel. My only complaint is that the aluminum on the front tube/front...
  15. mbearden

    How fast can your 49cc Really go?

    (Cannot figure out how to) Delete(d)...
  16. mbearden

    Three At Once

    So, in my process of cleaning out my garage and getting ready to trade the orange bike for an electric bike, I put all three of the gas bikes I've built together for a photo-op. The Black bike is one I built for a guy at work, the blue one is my daily rider, and the Orange one was just traded...
  17. mbearden

    Bicycle motor kit for Walmart Cruiser with 1" handlebars

    My advice would be to go with a new set of handle bars. I have ape hangers on my genesis and it looks awesome! Easier than welding, and the cruiser handlebars aren't great for MB imho anyway.
  18. mbearden

    Third build, first post, Genesis GX7 (Astra) with SBP Shift Kit

    So, I finally did some upgrades that needed to be done! I put a high compression head on it and put a bigger tank on the tube. While the rear tank was a neat idea, it kind of hindered my light set-up for the rear. I will utilize it for longer rides. 41mph is my high mark (down-hill). It will do...
  19. mbearden

    My Cruiser Bike

    It looks like it has a motor in the rear wheel? That still counts as motorized. Id be interested to see how you have your batteries arranged if it is though.