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  1. rustycase

    Building a work shop

    We are very serious persons, Sir. (My apologies for not dropping in to visit more often. I must be living rong.) rc
  2. rustycase

    Chain Jamming Issues

    All the above are valid, yet a quality chain is most important when everything is aligned properly... some chains are notoriously shabby ! Best rc
  3. rustycase

    What Are Your Garden Tricks?

    Gaffo... Soil and climate conditions are certainly better for some plants than others. Without significant amendment to the soil, and even protection from the WX, with hoop houses and such, it's generally best to grow what does well with the least amount of attention ! I might advise...
  4. rustycase

    What Are Your Garden Tricks?

    Excellent ! I shall do the same ! Tnx for all ur good advice!!! and congrats on the new job, too ! Best rc
  5. rustycase

    HF has genset for $90 coupon...

    This should be a great engine for MAB use ! here's the coupon code... Have fun ! rc
  6. rustycase

    Panama jack failure!!!!!!

    Good call ... I think, (and beware that ! ), a properly mounted power unit might be effective for a friction drive MAB. I have never had one, personally, yet can see their value and utility. Best rc
  7. rustycase

    Dating an older lady

    Yep ! Agreed, with CurtisFox... Housepaint, applied to many things over the years, may even be considered a protective coating... A few quick wipes with a light application of the various solvents will tell if the product can be removed with a rag, or even fine grit sandpaper, without...
  8. rustycase

    Panama jack failure!!!!!!

    Always disturbing to hear of catastrophic structural failure. It frequently makes the headlines, as we all know... I am frequently quick to put blame on the integrity of those manufacturers, yet that is not entirely appropriate, considering the nature of the beast. We expect a people-powered...
  9. rustycase

    Oregon laws?? got busted by cops

    I've been to Grant's Pass, quite some time ago... Small town in a nice, wet area of the country... It's got a home-town feel, and the enforcement people most likely have a very good idea what is going on within the turf they manage. If the court suspend your license for cause, those...
  10. rustycase


    Yes, Lud, you're probably correct. But I missed out on a Sachs KM48 lawn mower and also the Sachs-Dolmar KMS-4chainsaw. Do you have any in the back of the garage? :-) rc I just found LiquidPiston x2 if anyone is interested in that sort of thing...
  11. rustycase

    Indian Tadpole

    Gosh what a nice job you have done on the project! Thanks for posting the bucket link ! rc
  12. rustycase


    I awoke too early this morning, had an episode with dog #2 heading for the loo, which crashed the dresser resplendent with Her gewgaws... so I'm persona non grata in the sleep chamber. Nothing new about that. lol I stagger onwards, in search of water, and figure I might as well build a fire...
  13. rustycase


    :-) It's been a long time since I 'dressed to impress'. ...turned out I was not very good at it. Now, I notice, from time to time, my most comfortable shirt, or shorts, or shoes, are nowhere to be found... So, guess who makes the decisions about how I will dress... ...
  14. rustycase


    Obviously this group does not have an eye for contemporary fashion. :-) rc
  15. rustycase

    NEW TYPE OF PISTON MOD ! test to come

    Excellent! This, is probably the second reason why a chinagirl is advisable ! ...They are a cheap date, easy to work on and fun to modify. A great platform for learning. Best wishes to Roger on his new deployment. rc Oh, first reason? They are fun!
  16. rustycase

    What's your other ride?

    THE other? ...well, here's the most recent... Actually, it's too big for the short, fun-rides I do nowadays. Something about a quart and a hundred lbs lighter would be handier. ...It was available when I had the cash. rc
  17. rustycase

    DHC drift trike...

    Yah, the 2 cycle engines are a bit different, but IMO, yah just gotta accept them for what they are. They get the job done, but do sound a bit different! :-) rc dnut
  18. rustycase

    Kinda sad

    RIP Yvonne Craig She was... inspirational. rc
  19. rustycase

    Bent rim and mangled spokes.

    sry to hear abt ur problem. do what mota says. and pin that tensioner so it can not rotate! best rc
  20. rustycase

    Velocity Stack + Reed Valve = Waste of Money? Velocity Stack = Waste of money alone?

    Re: Velocity Stack + Reed Valve = Waste of Money? Velocity Stack = Waste of money alo z, there's lots of fun stuff u cn buy for ur bike. A boost bottle is the one that is coolest to say, imo. Best increase in power is to increase compression. Bottom end increase, all the way up. Then a...