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    The head bolt rod on my engine is striped.

    One of the head bolt rods for my engine is stripped and I cannot replace the bolt. I have an inch dye set so I am thinking I should take out the rod and rethread it. What other options do I have?
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    What are the dimensions of the clutch bucking bar?

    The bucking bar on my bike was bad. Being a novice machinst I need to know the length and diameter of the bar so I can make it. The bar tends to have a lose fit so I am just looking for a ballpark figure for a standard 2 stroke engine.
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    Would it be smart to solder my engine to the frame of my bike?

    The front mount on my engine block won't fit on my bike tube. I have a crackpot idea to solder my engine to the frame of my bike. Is this is good idea?
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    Is it smart to remove the seat tube?

    In order to fit the carburetor on my engine I need to remove the seat tube. Is this a good idea?