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    motoriozed bicycle upgrades

    I am new to motorized biking, What are the best ways to increase my speed i have a grubee skyhawk gt5 with a cns carburator? I also have a boost kit (not installed yet) but i did install a 36 tooth sproket. usflgusflg.xx. Tank you so much, any response is apreciated.
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    pull starter

    How does a pull starter work? What happens once it turns on the engine?usflg
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    electric ignition

    Is there away to put a battery on my grubee skyhawk gt5 motor in order to start it electrically? usflg Thank you any responses are appreciated.
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    idle to gear

    When i am stopped at light or at a stop sign and i put the bike in idle by pulling the clutch. When the light turns green and i give it gas while realeseing the clutch the engine just dies i must start moving before i realese the clutch and keep riding.usflg.flg. how do i fix that or is that the...