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    NEW Vermont Motor-Assisted Bicycle Law

    In 2010 Vermont passed a “motorized cycle” law. It probably was intended to regulate commercially manufactured mopeds, but the language of the law ended up being applicable to motorized bicycles as well. I was totally ignorant of this law until last summer when I was stopped by the local...
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    Question for Vermont Riders

    So, I was riding my motorized bike the other day in town in Vermont, obeying all traffic laws when I was stopped by the local cops. I was told that my Motorized Bike needed to be registered, inspected and insured to be used on public roads. It looks like under a 2010 DMV rule that created a...
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    Stupid Spark Plug Question

    I have a slant head engine and I was wondering if it matters which way the spark plug is pointed (toward the front or back)? Will the direction effect performance in any way? Thanks.
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    solid (airless) tire question

    After a recent 25 MPH front tire blow-out that resulted in a spectacular crash and some injuries, I am wondering if anyone has any experience using solid rubber (airless) tires instead of the usual air filled tube/tire combination. Or has anyone ever used one of those solid rubber tubes...
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    26 x 2.125 wheel/rim question

    I have 26 x 2.125 wheel/rims on my bike and I was just wondering if it's OK to use a narrower tire on this wheel? Like a 26 x 1.5 tire on that wheel or won't that work?
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    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    I recently noticed that I have oil or gas/oil mixture leaking from the exhaust port where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine. It's coming from that joint and dripping onto the bike frame........just a few drops but it is leaking. Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and a...
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    Cylinder Base Gasket/Permatex Ultra Blue

    Has anybody successfully used Permatex Ultra Blue silicone gasket maker (or something similar) to replace the Cylinder Base gasket? I had to take the cylinder apart and that base gasket got torn up and I was wondering if the silicone can be used instead of having to wait for a new one to be...
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    I have a stupid torque question....

    If the head bolts/nuts are supposed to be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs for the 80cc engines, does that mean the spark plug should also be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs too?
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    for sale: Large Clam Shell adaptor w/ 44 tooth sprocket

    I am selling a hub mount kit and 44 tooth sprocket in used but very good condition. It is from Live Fast Motors and I have used it for less than 5 hours riding time. I had this mounted on a Huffy Cranbrook and it worked just fine. This worked good for me but I am upgrading to a different...
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    clam shell adapter install question

    I bought a clam shell type hub adapter from Live Fast Motors. The parts are the clam shall adapter, a rubber spacer, a flange of sorts that goes on the outside of the spokes (and the sprocket is attached to) and a coaster brake hub extender. The problem is this: if I use the flange, the...
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    Dual Clutch Engine Kits

    Does anyone have any experience with the dual clutch engine kits? Are they wider then the usual 2 stroke kits? If so do they interfere with the pedals? Is the dual clutch a reliable system? Any opinions on the dual clutch kits would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    dual clutches and dual Start question

    Does anyone have any experience with the dual clutch (centrifugal and manual) and dual start kits that I see on BoyGofast? Does the system work? Are there any issues with the bike pedals? Thanks.
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    Centrifugal Clutch

    Does anyone know what suppliers sell dual clutch/centrifugal clutch engine kits? I've found them on Boy-Go-Fast, but nobody else seems to have them. Thanks.
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    Centrifugal Clutch

    Does anyone know if there is a 2-cycle kit that uses a Centrifugal Clutch instead of the normal handle bar clutch system? Thanks!
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    Engine Break-in

    Ok, so I have my engine running smoothly, but I'm not sure about the break-in period. The instructions say not over 20 KPH for the first 300 KMs and on another page it says the first 500 KMs and on another page it says the first 85 KMs. Which is it?!?! I'm dieing to open that throttle up and...
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    Spark Plug Question

    Does anyone know if an Autolite #456 plug will work OK?
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    Just saying Thanks!

    I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me with my very first engie kit. I got my new CDI and Magneto today and once they were installed the engine started right up and idled well. I'm still not sure which part was defective,'s all working now!
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    DAX shipping question

    Has anyone ordered parts from ""? How long did it take to get your order? I've been waiting for 3 weeks now and they just keep telling me that it's on the way!
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    Magneto white wire

    Hi all! I am having trouble getting my first engine to run at all. Not knowing much about engines, her'a stupid question....I opened up the case where the magneto is and the White wire is not connected to to the magneto coil thing. Does this matter or should the spark plug still spark...
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    Spark Plug Replacement

    Anybody know what is a good replacement (like Champion or Autolite, etc.) for a NGK BP-6L, NGK B-6L or NGK R7-HS spark plug?