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  1. jose Pinto

    My bike project

    Hello max Sorry for my confusion, it really is a bit like Dança1 Dança1
  2. jose Pinto

    My bike project

    Hello max great design, this logatipo of motobecane seats five stars Embrace of Portugal Dança1
  3. jose Pinto

    Velosolex 4800 build

    hello max , where he bought the solex motor copies , ? send the link , thank you
  4. jose Pinto

    American Deluxe hybrid trike

    Hello SB I am very anxious to see his project completed , 'muito that come together all your post. time has not been much so I have not commented , but this modesty of a picture leaves much cheerful something that has nothing to do with it , but not let it pass in vain , that your sewing machine...
  5. jose Pinto

    Velocar cyclecar semi-replica.

    [QUOTE=big project my friend, it will still taste great at the beginning and the application of the engine in the frame, and it could not be the usual class to post on your project, keep up the good work, enjoy with this projec txct2
  6. jose Pinto

    Just introducing myself

    Be very welcome, more a European, this is very good, this forum has wonderful people, with many good knowledge in the construction and repair of motor bikes ready to help and solve problems, come doubted these photos and many photos rsss
  7. jose Pinto

    Clever Bike Names

    hello fatdaddy congratulations, I love your bike, how she behaves in the hills? you is not pedals to help!
  8. jose Pinto

    Velocars and other interesting vehicles.

    Thank you Steve, wonderful sites full of history, thanks for sharing. Jose pinto
  9. jose Pinto

    SkyHawk Almost Done!!

    beautiful bike, which will apply to the engine?
  10. jose Pinto

    Velocars and other interesting vehicles.

    hello, this is velocar something pretty fantastic, thank you for sharing these relics friend jose pinto
  11. jose Pinto

    Indian Tadpole

    Dear friends and Stive silvebear not want to be boring in this matter, because it was already spoken in previous posts, but this asunto of wicker baskets en meugosto and is something of interest in the 60 and 70 was widely used here in Portugal the baskets adapted to the motorized transport...
  12. jose Pinto

    Cruiser with a BTR flavor

    hello, thanks for your quick response, I was thinking that the engine is 4 cycles. The friend knows Portugal! I'm glad the idea was that the Portuguese people, is really true this little parents planted at the entrance of Europe with a history of big hits, is going through a bad phase and...
  13. jose Pinto

    Cruiser with a BTR flavor

    very good construction, the drive is very well designed. I want to ask two questions, the engine is working as vertical cutter gramma, the bike is horizontal axis so changes the deposit of oil, will he sprinkle the oil to lubricate? also had to run the carburetor right? excuse my english thank you
  14. jose Pinto

    10 tooth on front 54 on back

    Hello friend, my congratulations your trike is very good, it will have a brute force, I also setou with an identical design, with a morini 50cc engine, and check that your system does not have differential, traction is done both wheels?
  15. jose Pinto

    Hello dear friend, I have been wanting a very Merry Christmas in the company of his family and...

    Hello dear friend, I have been wanting a very Merry Christmas in the company of his family and friends, lots of happiness are the sincere wishes of ourto side of the Atlantic. (be sure to see my post on Indian Tadpole trike) hug Jose pinto
  16. jose Pinto

    Indian Tadpole

    Hello friend Steve, my project is not finished yet, I have little time work takes me enough, I'll install light trike in the front and back, my morini motor has a coil of light that will charge a battery that will feed all the circuit. In Portugal it is mandatory the use of lighting on bikes. As...
  17. jose Pinto

    Indian Tadpole

    Fasteddy Hello friend, I am very happy for your words, 101 years by his mother, age really is a very beautiful, some sadness for his friend have in this block home their children far away, but life is like that has these things, the important thing is that they are well. as the home court so...
  18. jose Pinto

    Indian Tadpole

    hello, well being and do not want to deviate from the topic of this post, below pictures of my building that is nearing completion. the painting came from an inexpensive full suspension bike, the rear of the trike was executed by me
  19. jose Pinto

    Indian Tadpole

    hello, friend, I'll prepare a photo and I'll share in the forum rather like the ideas that I have in mind. Here in Portugal we celebrate Christmas yes, is the highest point on the Family, I really like, despite not agreeing with the exaggerated consumption of this court. I hope that your friend...