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    Cannonball bikes in Kingman AZ

    The Cannonball racers came through Kingman last friday This year was a 1916 or earlier race. All of the bikes are real, no reproductions. Here are a few These bikes left Atlantic City NJ on Sept 8th. A long ride for a 100+ year old bike. As always, right click to view full size
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    Anyone else headed to Wichita next weekend?

    Always a good time No Zika, lots of Nitro.
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    Vintage Motorwheel from the Mechum auction

    There were a few motorized bicycles at the auction. This 1911 Dayton Motorwheel was mostly original, but someone had started painting - hurt the value a little: The Miami behind it was completely re-finished. Sadly I ran out of memory cards before I got any good pics of it...
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    Spring is here

    Will be in the low 80's by Sunday. The Lady Banks rose blooms first, it it how I know we are done with the cold; .
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    Bicycle vs Deer - video

    Not motorized, could only have been worse going faster... Never know where the next hazard is coming from - wear your helmet!
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    Another car show, the usual suspects...

    It was a beautiful day for a car show, and the annual November show at Goldstrom's never disappoints: Clear skies, 80f temps & no wind - a great day to relax And share our hobby with the rest of the car world. We get great interest, much of it from people with 50 thousand dollar...
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    Full Suspension 29er with front drive

    I knocked this together just in time for the race at the Grange on the 18th With a 48cc pocket bike engine & a CVT drive. Made a sprocket to put behind the brake rotor in the front It rides nice. Never notice the weight on the front end. Still need to tune the CVT a...
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    20mm Walbro on a China Girl

    Tired of smelling like gas, and chasing jets, I wanted tuning & a fuel pump... Then some threads And install a hose barb .
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    Exhaust Flanges

    I still have plenty of the thick exhaust flanges in stock: They fit both the China Girl and the Huasheng 142f Laser cut from 1/4" thick steel, with a 7/8" hole. 7.50 each plus shipping. I ship via USPS small flat rate box, one flange or twenty.
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    79cc & 99cc intakes for Mikuni carbs

    Hello again These intakes fit the older 99cc Flathead, and the 152F-3q 79cc engine that replaced it. They allow you to mount a PZ19 style Mikuni or clone carburetor: We have had great results with the replacement carburetor for the XR75 Honda motorcycle. Already jetted right...
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    HuaSheng Exhaust stubs

    Here are the exhaust stubs for the HuaSheng: The flanges are 1/4" thick, and the tube is 7/8" OD x 3/4" ID. 1.5 inches long. A good place to start if you want to use a flex pipe or build your own exhaust system. Price is $15.00 plus shipping I ship USPS flat rate, and will ship as...
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    HuaSheng 142F Intake manifolds

    I just finished up some more intakes for the little HuaSheng 50's They have a 19mm spigot, so any RT, NT or similar carb will clamp right on. They use a 1/4" thick steel flange, and ship with studs & nuts. Let your 50 breathe, and take advantage of the carburetors that are widely...
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    Silver State bikes on display

    This is a big weekend for car shows here in Las Vegas. We have two that are very different - and separated by 6 miles of the Las Vegas Strip. A few of the local owners & riders sort of wanted to do both shows, so we all decided to try it. Scott was nice enough to offer to pay the entrance...
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    Interesting fork set

    I went by Silver State to talk to Scott today, and saw this gem in one of the assembly rooms: Apparently a customer sent in the fork set to be adapted in to a Silver State frame. The original riser will be retained, but the bearings are the standard 1 1/8" threadless setup with sealed...
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    My neighbor's garage

    A few pics from my neighbor's garage
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    Hello all

    Hello everyone, my name is Brad. I figured I should quit lurking, and post a little. I am a friend of Scott @ Silver State Cycles, and have been to a few races in So Cal. Some of my bikes are already in pictures on here. I build different stuff mostly for my own satisfaction. THIS...