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    New to motorbicycling

    I would be content with the normal kit doing 30kph because firstly its safe, and secondly you are only travelling 12km not a long travel time.
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    I cant phsically get them in, because it is 20'' the spokes get in the way of bolt wholes .shft.
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    Does anyone know if i can keep the spocket mounted on a 20'' bike wheel with only 6 bolts instead of 9!!!
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    Hey, i was wondering if anyone had a solution for front brakes on an occ chopper bike. Really struggling to find and real sollution. Back wheel is impossible with motor chain clearance, and front brake seems not existence
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    Occ stingray

    thanks guys, you just noticed the two things not completed. i'm getting my hole front hub relaced so it is disk brake compatable - alot of work though. and i should look into fuel filters (=
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    Occ stingray

    took me while to build, alot of work was needed. hope you like it!!!