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  1. FrankTate

    Hello from Charlotte, NC

    I also live in Charlotte and I am on my fourth build. Perhaps we can plan a ride sometime. Shoot me an e-mail [email protected]
  2. FrankTate

    Winter Build-off

    Count me in.. I have lots of ideas and perfectly good chainsaw sitting in the garage going to waste.
  3. FrankTate

    Sprocket Alignment + other issues.

    I got the same junk sprockets from BGF. I sent an email and they told me... No charge for the extra holes. What a jerk! My engine also came missing the blue wire.
  4. FrankTate

    Oil Leaking

    A couple of things I have used for exhaust gasket that worker were. 1. Cereal box 2. aluminum cans x2
  5. FrankTate

    I'm Getting a Moped Instead

    I agree, go ahead and get a moped. It is a ready made solution to all of the issues that builders face. It is pre tuned, no run in and it comes with very specific directions. It is perfect for anyone who has no vision or ambition. Enjoy your idiotmobile.
  6. FrankTate

    Lil more help here...

    When I let off the throttle it still vibrates... I took off the air filter and it soaked with gas again. Any ideas?
  7. FrankTate

    My baby..

    It took a while but here are some pics of my first build.. The pics that have the silver rims are before the broken motor mount and before I spun the bearings out of my rear wheel. The new rims are black and the motor mount I made from bullet proof fiberglass. The finished bike has head and tail...
  8. FrankTate

    Looking for an air filter...

    Where can I get an upgrade air filter from?
  9. FrankTate

    @#[email protected]#.....crap

    I also nee an offset carb intake. If you are sitting on the bike I need it to be offset to the right about 1 inch in order to get my carb level.
  10. FrankTate

    OK she is back...

    Got her all put back together after the motor mount broke and the mishap with the carb. It seems to vibrate a little more than it should when you let off the throttle. It is still in the first ten miles and I hate to push it. Any suggestions. By the way for those of you who doubted my...
  11. FrankTate

    @#[email protected]#.....crap

    **** yes... I have broken transmissions housings before ... JB weld worked great... make sure to clean it well.... you can even drill and tap JB weld ... I have done that to.
  12. FrankTate


    Wait a second ... mine is always full.... Is something wrong with it?
  13. FrankTate

    OK who's got this...?

    Almost fot her back together.. with my upgraded mounts I need a muffler mod. Where can I get a muffler that is two inches longer before the bend? Or who can make me one from stock. Cut it and weld in a section. The bend is fine it just doesnt clear my mounts. I tried adding more cork gasket to...
  14. FrankTate

    ok... now what

    No .. I have not yet replaced them but... the originals broke the mount just fine... LOL rotfl
  15. FrankTate

    ok... now what

    This is a bullet proof window I had left over from a bank install... 8 times stronger than steel... lol :) Took about 1 hour what do you think? (^)
  16. FrankTate

    ok... now what

    Way ahead of you brother... It was the motor mount and I in the process of fabricating a new one out of 1 inch thick plexi glass... how sweet is that?
  17. FrankTate

    ok... now what

    I guess not I am having some vbration issues... but am still in the run in period... I feel like giving up on this thing. Yes, it is a lot of fun but.... I have to losen the rear motor mount to move the carb and in the process of returning the pin to its original position... the rear mount broke...
  18. FrankTate

    ok... now what

    I recieved an email fro a guy from another forum who said if your carb is crooked just raise the throttle pin. So moved it up a notch... now it runs like crap and I think I smell something funny....
  19. FrankTate

    Charlotte NC ...

    Sorry for the hold up, I could not find my camera cable... Here is my bike. Please take notice to the carb and gimme a few good ideas.
  20. FrankTate

    Charlotte NC ...

    One more question is there an engine upgrade that would allow me to not have to hold the clutch when I stop?