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    kit didn't come with instructions!?

    The chain was almost definitely too long. Try moving the chain tensioner as far back to the wheel as possible. If there's still too much slack, you're going to have to break the chain.
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    Engine Sprocket problem!?

    I had the same problem at a stop and it ended up being a loose exhaust cap, not enough back pressure. You may also want to try tightening the clutch cable just a little bit.
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    Cable Question

    Re: Cables You can just use a brake cable for the clutch. As for the throttle, probably also a brake cable with something special done at the end, don't have a bike in front of me to look at.
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    A little perspective.

    I guess I'm a little spoiled in Phoenix. I've got a 9 mile drive to work but more than half of that is on (paved) canal banks for bicycles, pedestrians, and equine only. On the streets I'll never go over 20 mph, but those canals are empty and smooth.
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    Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

    Starfire Gen II engines have a hole in the right side of the engine case to run your clutch cable through instead of having a mounted perch, like most other China Girl engines.
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    Starfire Gen II Clutch

    Yeah, I was baffled. And the instructions that I eventually got a hold of didn't mention it either. Got an email from the vendor, though. He cleared it all up.
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    Find a Dealer & Review

    Now that I've done some real shopping, I'd like to give a few reviews. (powerkingshop on ebay) is who I bought my first kit from. It was kinda misrepresented as being EPA certified, didn't have a black muffler. Ran excellent out of the box & broke in easily. Fast shipping (to...
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    Starfire Gen II Clutch

    To anyone else having this issue - there's a hole in the right side of the engine to run your clutch cable through.I had to cut a lot of cable off with this kit, but it all works well.
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    Starfire Gen II Clutch

    Hi guys. I'm on my second build now, bought a Grubee this time around.. everything going smooth until I get to the clutch cable. On my last kit, there was a permanent mount for the clutch cable, whereas this new kit has just a cable that hangs there. I spent most of last night fussing with it...
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    Okay, getting spark, but still not running! GRRRR!!!

    I had the same issue at first. Try running it without the gas cap - that ended up being my issue, but I also had a problem with a leaky petcock that kept flooding my carb, causing the exact same issue you're having. My carburetor had a little screw at the bottom that allowed me to drain it...
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    Just finished in Phoenix

    Welp, just had my first ride to work.. knocked 20 minutes off of my 9 mile trip, only running the motor about a quarter of the time! Ran perfect, no issues, no funny noises (well, as far as two-strokes go). I think I found myself a new best friend.
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    Just finished in Phoenix

    Correct, an Amazon cheapie that broke on day one but still looks neat-o.
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    Just finished in Phoenix

    Just got my bike together and running this weekend. Snapped a few pictures this evening since it's raining outside tonight. I removed another link from the chain after these were taken, but besides that this is how my daily rider bike looks.
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    arizona riders

    Also a native, here.
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    arizona riders

    Got my bike up & going good this weekend, and then of course it's raining this morning, and will be raining tomorrow. So hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures after work and make my own post.
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    arizona riders

    1) marco - oldmanpaintball -surprise az 2) David - fairracing31 - Tucson 3) daniel - danosixtysix - flagstaff , arizona 4) Billy G. -Smoothe-Phoenix AZ 5) Lenny - LennyHarp - Mesa, AZ G. Harvey Holbrook, AZ. 7) Gonzo - Ravenshurst - Tucson (Does working on my first MB make me an AZ. rider...