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    49cc 4G T Belt Kit vs. 79cc Monster 90 Bike Engine Kit

    Although looking at the 79cc kit, it does not come with the wide pedal kit, so that's an extra $30-$50. I'm leaning towards the 49cc kit more, I just don't know if they fixed the oilite bushing issue.
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    49cc 4G T Belt Kit vs. 79cc Monster 90 Bike Engine Kit

    Hello there, I just ordered a bicycle after having my 49cc Chinagirl for quite some time. I have put many, many miles on my 2 stroke. Before the 2 stroke, I had an older 4G T belt kit that I experienced issues with the bearing on the transmission. With that being said, I am looking at...
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    79cc Monster 80 Bike Engine Kit - Complete 4-Stroke Kit

    Any thoughts on the new 4 stroke kit offered by I have been waiting to get another 4 stroke, after my 4G crapped out and I got tired of belt issues, I just want something reliable yet cheap for my leisure...
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    Thoughts on BikeBerry's FD Kits?

    I'm probably going to be buying a new engine kit by next summer, and well, I would like something cheap and mobile, while reliable. I've had my fun with my 2-stroke, but I would like the ease of a 4 stroke. I don't like the unreliability of the 4 stroke transmissions, and don't have enough money...
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    Wide crank for 4 stroke kit

    I just swapped my Hua Sheng back on my bicycle, getting rid of my 2 stroke. I knew that I needed a wider crank, but I just ended up taking off the pedals completely for now. My question is, could I simply heat up the stock pedal arms some type of way and bend them outwards, instead of having...
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    Gas spraying out of HS carb

    I really appreciate it! I just have to go back tomorrow and loctite + permatex the side cover, and clean everything up. Also, laugh at me, I'm waiting for my intake manifold to arrive, and I need to order gaskets. I trashed this engine when I got my 2 stroke, thinking that I would never use...
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    Gas spraying out of HS carb

    You were correct! It was the timing. Thank you! I watched a youtube video on how to figure this out. (for anyone out there looking to rebuild the Hua Sheng) On the cam wheel (plastic wheel), there is an arrow. On the metal gear on the...
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    Gas spraying out of HS carb

    I don't know what you even mean, I've never rebuilt a 4 stroke engine. I have the intake valve at .004, and the exhaust valve at .006 . I just replaced the spark plug and still nothing. Took apart the carb and the float seems fine. What do you mean about the timing? I took the entire engine...
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    Gas spraying out of HS carb

    When I say I tried to do the bearing conversion, I ground the shaft too much and just decided to replace it with another 5/8 shaft. I have a Grubee 4G transmission that I will put back on once the engine runs.
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    Gas spraying out of HS carb

    I have a Hua Sheng f142 49cc engine, I used to use it on my bike before getting a 2 stroke. I recently decided to fix the engine up, i tried doing a bearing conversion for the one-way bearing, and I had to replace the entire crankshaft. I replaced the crankshaft, used the permatex for the...
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    LIFAN 2.5 HP Engine on bicycle

    I previously owned a 4 stroke bicycle engine kit, and now I have been riding around my 2 stroke engine! It's a lot of fun, but I'm looking for the smooth ride I once had before my other engine's clutch crapped out and I ruined the engine. I noticed that homedepot is selling this 97cc engine...
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    4G T drive bearing conversion

    Hello, after a bit of reading and learning, I decided to try this conversion. I contacted Cobrafreak about the bearings that I will be using. These are the bearings, and only priced at a $1.00 a piece + around $3.50 for shipping...
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    4 stroke - 4G belt vs. Skyhawk Stage III

    I'm going to be ordering a 4 stroke engine kit off of Bicycle Engines, Motorized Bicycles, Bicycle Motors, Motored Bikes: 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Kits! and I want input on both 4 stroke engine kits. What one lasts longer? Less problems? Etc 4G T Belt Drive 4 Stroke Engine Kit 49cc 4G T Belt...