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    Holy crap, JNmotors?

    That newish retailer, jnmotors ( has a crapload of aftermarket parts for sale. They look so cool and I'm wondering if they actually improve performance or are just for looks. I want to buy them all! Has anyone ordered performance parts from them, and how have they worked...
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    Strongest Chain For Shift Kit?

    I just built my bike, but I am already considering getting a shift kit. I will likely add one over winter break. Considering that I hold faith in my #41 chain, and will be switching to a regular bike chain, I want a good one. This is supposedly the strongest bike chain you can...
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    MTB forks for Cruisers.

    I think that MTB forks look pretty snazzy on a cruiser frame. My hope is to eventually remove the fenders, put on a MTB fork, and MTB wheels as well (new hub and everything so I can get disc brakes, shift kit removing the left sprock). Would that look good on my bike? I think it gives it...
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    Brand New Boost Bottle - $10

    Brand New Boost Bottle From (purchased from I only needed one, but bought two. Also known as an Induction kit. Matched for an 66cc (80cc) engine. Missing the Manifold Tap, but can easily be replaced with a 3/8" pipe tap. Includes Brand New Bottle and Fume...
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    Top Speed

    I searched and couldn't find a thread like this, so I hope I can avoid scrutiny. Because of my low top speed and interest in getting the highest top speed possible (safety and engine longevity fanatics are going to love this thread), I wanted to see what others had as far as a final result...
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    The power of a Morini

    Hello. I would consider getting either a 4-stroke or a morini for my next engine. How is the power and acceleration of a morini? Is any pedaling required? I'm talking about an S6S, or even that 11hp water cooled one. Can expansion chambers and shift kits be reused? What mounting...
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    I want this!: Motorized Bicycles Gas Bike Engines Gas Powered Bikes Motorized Bicycle Parts $140 though, eek! Anyone have this, or find a cheaper solution?
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    1977 US Motorized Bicycle Laws

    Found this, thought it was interesting. I think a lot of them still hold true: I guess MBs are not that new
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    Schwinn Landmark - Finished!

    First Build. -Schwinn Landmark (walmart) -Grubee GT5 66cc -#41 Chain -Gasbike Universal Mount (redrilled studs for 5/16 bolts) -Manic Mechanic Hub Adaptor and 40t Sprocket -66cc Boost Bottle -Alarm System. Finally Finished, YAY!
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    Boost Bottles; probably going to install.

    I have 2 boost bottles from bikeberry. Still not sure whether I should do one or both, but I believe I may choose to install them. I have heard that there is a certain way of installing them, like so : At an angle, so that the fumes will be directed into the bottle. I already have...
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    Runnin' pretty good now. But I can't idle.

    Howdy folks. I have to hold the throttle a little bit to idle. How can I make it so that I don't have to hold the throttle to idle? My throttle cable is already adjusted as tight as possible. Should I cut it and shorten it?
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    FINALLY my bike works! Then it died.

    Welp, I got my kit a month ago and finally, I can ride without the chain falling off! No motor though. I had it running when I pop the clutch, but it would not idle. It will run pretty good, bogs at higher speeds. Is it the carb or maybe the spark plug? I know barely anything about...
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    Topcase: to carry stuff!

    Anyone see this? Could be a great way to hold stuff, and it even has a key to lock it. It's not terribly expensive, though I probably wouldn't trust keeping anything of value in it. I would want it secured GOOD. It's called the "m-wave" bicycle topcase. Just wondering if you guys...
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    Need Help ASAP! Cranks?

    Hey guys! It's been a month of screwing around with my bike, but I'm finally gonna get it working! I found a chop shop who will machine new mounts for my bike so that the engine lines up correctly. I may, however, need more pedal clearance. I have a schwinn landmark cruiser. Which...
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    Take it to a chop shop?

    Hey guys. I've been working for the past 3 weeks on my new Grubee GT5 Schwinn Cruiser to try and get it to work. I have a nice #41 chain and Manic Mechanic fitted hub mount, but even so, when I tried to ride, it worked until the chain locked up, the master link flew off, the Drive sprock...
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    Converting to Single Speed?

    I don't have a lot of summer left, but while I wait for my #415, and my Manic Hub mount, I want to make sure I have a backup plan for making my bike finally work. My problem has been the chain jumping. Even when putting a washer behind the drive sprock and dishing the rear sprock inward, the...
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    I APOLOGIZE FOR THE LENGTH, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME! ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! I am going off to college soon. I would like to take my bike (probly not till second semester though, gotta get me sea legs you know), but I have no idea how to manage everything. PA laws are...
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    Grubee Stud Size?

    I took out the old studs in my Grubee GT5 -Intake -Exhaust -Front -Back 8 Studs total. I need either bolts or threaded rod, but I don't know the size. I was told 1/4 -28 at lowes. Completely wrong. Can I find it locally? I really wanna use my kit!
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    Protecting the frame?

    I heard this somewhere on here before, but can't seem to find it. Lights and other bicycle attachments have rubber on them to protect the frame or handlebars from scratching. What can we put underneath the engine mounts, tank mounts, etc to protect the frame or even reduce vibration perhaps?
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    Excuse my stupidity, but what's a Clutch?

    I know nothing about motors. I've been around this forum for a week or so waiting for my grubee kit in the mail, and I still don't know what a clutch is X(. Could anyone explain? Sorry for my newbie-ness!