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  1. malatious

    4 stroke stuffed into a 24" frame?

    I put 24” wheels on a 26” frame. It does lower it a little. That might be enough for you.
  2. malatious

    Nel Lusso 4-Stroke Huashengtai Motorized Bike

    I think I also put Locktite on the tapered part of the crank and then hammered the crank arm on with a brass hammer so it was wedged on good before Locktiting the nut on. Min has not come loose so far.
  3. malatious

    Nel Lusso 4-Stroke Huashengtai Motorized Bike

    Make sure to use LockTite on those crank nuts, they are cheap and I had one come loose on be and lost the nut. After LockTite they were fine.
  4. malatious

    Nel Lusso 4-Stroke Huashengtai Motorized Bike

    I have one bike built with a Huffy and the Huasheng 4 stroke motor. It turned out nice. Make sure you completely disassemble the bike and clean and regrease everything, these bikes are pretty dry on grease from the factory. Probably OK for pedaling around but not enough grease when your...
  5. malatious

    Making a motorised bike legal

    Well 250W would be down around 11cc. There is no way adjusting your spark plug gap will get you down there. I have heard that Australia has very strict laws for motorized bicycles. I hope that doesn’t happen to us here in the States. To be legal it sounds like you need to go electric. Hope...
  6. malatious

    Briggs and stratton air vane handle bar throttle conversion

    If you are using this engine for a motorized bicycle, why would you even need to use the air vane. My understanding of the purpose of the air vane is to govern the engine to a constant speed to run a piece of equipment like a lawn mower, water pump, generator, etc... When a load is placed on...
  7. malatious

    79cc non-kit build

    Finally was able to get headlight, brake light, turn signals, and horn set up on the bike. Used one of those cheap China bicycle light kits and chopped it up so I could hook it into something that worked a little better but still keep the LEDs for longer battery life. Have everything wired to...
  8. malatious

    I've done everything and still no start

    Welcome to the forum. There is no difference between an engine that has been running and one that has never been started. They both work on the same principles and can both suffer from the same issues. You need fuel, air, spark, compression, and timing. You need to verify each one of these...
  9. malatious

    79cc non-kit build

    I have been very busy this summer and have not had a chance to do much riding. I did take the bike out and rode about 20 miles this week and it did great. Lost my air filter somewhere along the way, manage to adapt one from Auto Zone to fit. Made sure it was tight this time. Also, just got...
  10. malatious

    Definition changing petition

    For something local like that, you could maybe try changing on a local or state level. In CA, most of the local police don't even know the regulations. I carry paper work around with me so I can show them. Most don't know that the state upped our motors from 49cc to 79cc. I try not to give...
  11. malatious

    Definition changing petition

    I also think this is something that should be left alone. I also don't think on a federal level that this would even be looked at, they would leave it up to the individual states. In California we are already at 3 hp, which is around 79cc, and 30 mph. This is fine with me. Of coarse my bike...
  12. malatious

    Cranbrook, what is the best solution to the lack of a front brake?

    I bought a used mountain bike at the second hand store for $30.00 that had the front disk break setup that I put on my Cranbrook. On my new bike I bought a springer fork setup from Sunlite and had a wheel made with a Sturmy Archer drum brake, total $300.00. Cantilever brakes are cheap and will...
  13. malatious

    Recommended upgrades to front wheel, fork, brake? 26" Cranbrook™, Cruiser Bike

    I have a Cranbrook and have not had any issues with some of the parts that people talk about. I did disassembled the rear hub, clean, and re grease it. I built mine from several use bikes I purchase from second hand stores. I ride mine regularly and have had no issue. I don't go off road...
  14. malatious

    What size bottom bracket is Cranebrook 56387

    I didn't even notice that it shows 3 different cup sizes, but it gives you no option when you order it. I have put this item on 2 different frames and it has fit fine. One was a Huffy Cranbrook, and the other was a vintage style Roadmaster frame. Just make sure to use Locktite and torque the...
  15. malatious

    What size bottom bracket is Cranebrook 56387

    You need a conversion kit like this one.
  16. malatious

    Newest Oldman on the Block

    Sometimes, building the bike is more fun than riding them. Coming up with a design, searching for the right parts, seeing everything come together. And of coarse you have to do a test ride to make sure everything is working. My wife came out the my workshop the other day and exclaimed, "Is...
  17. malatious

    10 - TOOTH SPROCKET FOR 4-STROKE for ghost racers 7g transmission

    BikeBerry also shows a 10 tooth sprocket under their list of 4 cycle parts which screws on and is held in place with a clip.
  18. malatious

    10 - TOOTH SPROCKET FOR 4-STROKE for ghost racers 7g transmission

    Try OMB Warehouse. They have tons of sprockets, all different sizes and chain configurations. I'm at work so can't look at my 7G for correct size, but maybe this one at the bottom of the page, 3rd over from the left...
  19. malatious

    HF 79cc & Huffy Cranbrook

    Looks like it was made to fit in that frame. Looks like you have some good fab skills and the right tools. It should turn out good.
  20. malatious

    Check out this bike I saw in Pacifica

    Looks like it hasn't been ridden in awhile.