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  1. Finfan

    New Group: The 20MPH Club

    I'll sign up for this one. I don't know if anybody mentioned this yet, but here in Tucson the law is that you must ride at LESS THAN 20 mph. Hit 20 mph and some of those motorcycle cops will pull you over. Furthermore when you hit 20 mph your MAB magically becomes a MoPed and they can write...
  2. Finfan

    Death Race 4-16-2011

    Just a quick "I'm sorry" note. Just found out for sure that I'll be out of town that weekend. On the bright side, I'll have started working again! dance1
  3. Finfan

    after market chain tensioner?

    I have seen at least one bike where they mounted the tensioner pointing down. That way if it does move the spokes will push it away instead of pulling it in.
  4. Finfan

    Spooky Tooth Cycles Closed untill further notice

    Roland just wants to go sailing! .bt.
  5. Finfan

    Has anyone posted this one yet?

    Time to dip into petty cash for a bike. BlackTrail BT-01 is the $80,000 electric bicycle of your dreams (video) -- Engadget zpt
  6. Finfan

    Anybody with R/S EH035 experience?

    Now this is why I'm asking questions first! For some reason I had it in my head that I needed a 5/8" shaft for that gearbox. Thanks!
  7. Finfan

    Anybody with R/S EH035 experience?

    I'm thinking of trying to cobble together an in frame EH035 bike. If I get an engine with the 5/8" shaft on the clutch can I match it to this DAX gearbox? ENGINE_KIT_PARTS_PAGE_4 I'm assuming at this point that the engine clutch will be the drive control. I've only built from kits up to...
  8. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    Dave: I looked through that email that Bill sent us and it seems like he has a pretty good handle on things. Like I said before, if I had all of the answers I'd be making big bucks somewhere. I've done my part and sounded the alarm. The meeting is supposed to be either in October or...
  9. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    It would be difficult to mandate a helmet law for MAB's when there isn't one for either Motorcycles or Bicycles. I really think the main problem is a combination of the low visibility of bicycles and the fact that we are traveling faster than people expect us to be. A safety suggestion I would...
  10. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    Dave: I keep trying to remember that old saying about keeping your words soft and sweet because you never know when you will have to eat them. Meanwhile I got an email with much information in it from Bill at USA Motorbikes. I'm going to try to sort through it tomorrow, but I think if we try...
  11. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    Dave: They told me it was the second Tuesday of the month. Also, I've passed this info along to USA Motorbikes and Spooky Tooth. Anyway, you are sounding like you have a bit of a persecution complex going on. I really think we need to try to work with these people. They can make or break us...
  12. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    OK, heads up everybody who rides in Tucson! Over the holiday my wife and I were out of town. It turns out that one of the other guests where we were staying works with the Bicycle Advisory Committee that helps guide the regional jurisdictions on bike matters. One of the bits of information...
  13. Finfan

    To our moderators

    This is creating more problems than I had anticipated. Deal with it as you will, but if the admins want to lock this and let it sink they have my blessing.
  14. Finfan

    post a photo of your first Motorized Bicycle

    Re: post a photo of your first MB Here is the first incarnation of what is still my ride. Built on a Huffy Santa Fe that I got for $70 new at Sears. This was 2008. It's hard to believe it was ever that clean!
  15. Finfan

    Halcyon build

    It is glorious! I'm afraid if I owned a bike that nice I would be scared to ride it for fear of messing it up.
  16. Finfan

    To our moderators

    The point I was trying to make was that I didn't use any profanity in the first post that was deleted. Just a three letter acronym which when translated would have included a curse word. A practice that I see around here all of the time. I also didn't cuss in the second one but I was being...
  17. Finfan

    To our moderators

    OK, I'd like to start by saying that overall you do a great job at riding herd over this disparate group of lunatics. You couldn't pay me to take that task on. I'm writing this because over the last couple of months I've had two posts deleted. The first contained what I thought was a very...
  18. Finfan

    Do you have security?

    I just have a cable lock but I make a point of locking it up in high traffic areas. I also have a padlock for my "trunk" that is bolted to my rear rack.
  19. Finfan

    myth buster deacon

    I think this one shoots 120!
  20. Finfan

    Im stuck!