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  1. Finfan

    Has anyone posted this one yet?

    Time to dip into petty cash for a bike. BlackTrail BT-01 is the $80,000 electric bicycle of your dreams (video) -- Engadget zpt
  2. Finfan

    Anybody with R/S EH035 experience?

    I'm thinking of trying to cobble together an in frame EH035 bike. If I get an engine with the 5/8" shaft on the clutch can I match it to this DAX gearbox? ENGINE_KIT_PARTS_PAGE_4 I'm assuming at this point that the engine clutch will be the drive control. I've only built from kits up to...
  3. Finfan

    Attention Tucson Riders!

    OK, heads up everybody who rides in Tucson! Over the holiday my wife and I were out of town. It turns out that one of the other guests where we were staying works with the Bicycle Advisory Committee that helps guide the regional jurisdictions on bike matters. One of the bits of information...
  4. Finfan

    To our moderators

    OK, I'd like to start by saying that overall you do a great job at riding herd over this disparate group of lunatics. You couldn't pay me to take that task on. I'm writing this because over the last couple of months I've had two posts deleted. The first contained what I thought was a very...
  5. Finfan

    Does anybody sell just the 4-stroke mounting kit?

    Alright, so sells a Grubee Stage III kit but are any of the other possibilities available if you want to mount something other than a GX50 or HS engine? It seems like Firebelly's kit is still vaporware and AFAIK EZMotorbikes only sells their equipment with an engine. So are...
  6. Finfan

    48 cc 4-stroke?

    My main question here is: Is there such a beastie? I know the Honda 50 and the Chinese clone are only 49 cc but the law in AZ is that a motorized bike must be 48 cc or less. So I am wondering if it is possible to put a legal 4-stroke bike together. I know the cops won't know the difference...
  7. Finfan

    So THAT'S why it's a $700 job!

    Well, Mrs Fin is out of town and her Rav4 needs new struts and shocks. The shop we take our vehicles to quoted her something in the $700 to $800 range to replace them. I called around and found that I could get the parts for less than $300 so I thought I would save us some money and do them...
  8. Finfan

    Just an observation.

    A while ago I mentioned that my local Ace Hardware was carrying HT engine kits. I asked one of the sales people this weekend if they were moving any and she told me they were selling them as quick as they could get them. I guess we will be seeing even more MB's in Tucson. Of course this could...
  9. Finfan

    Aw c'mon now!

    This morning I saw in the news a story about a storefront in New York where they have live models changing clothes in the window. They're wearing relatively conservative underwear but still! I'm not particularly prudish but I think at Christmas time you should be able to take the kids downtown...
  10. Finfan

    Armadillo Tires

    I am beginning to get the idea that Armadillo tires are probably the best available for our bikes but I can't seem to find much by way of online dealers. Does anybody know of a good source for these tires? Also do they make them in 26 x 2.125? I'm thinking I would definitely like to get one...
  11. Finfan

    Has anybody heard anything about these?

    So, on Halloween I was at the Spooky Tooth death race and Roland had a bike with what I'm pretty sure is one of these: Total Products I'm not 100% certain that was it but it looks right. Has anybody heard anything about them? Apparently Spooky Tooth is going to start carrying them. I...
  12. Finfan


    Yesterday I was in the local Ace Hardware and I noticed that they had a MB at the front of the store with a sign saying they were selling the engine kits for $149.95. I of course had to give it a looking over. It was definitely a china girl engine but it had a round cylinder/cylinder head...
  13. Finfan

    Would this work?

    I'm building up a new ride and I was curious if I can use a Mountain bike 3 sprocket crank with a cruiser/coaster brake rear hub. I'm thinking I could use a front derailer to be able to shift gears while not having to do harsh things to the beach cruiser frame I'm using since a mountain bike...
  14. Finfan


    I thought it might be interesting to post some pics of the things I have changed on my bike since I started. To begin with here are some shots from when I first built it last fall.
  15. Finfan

    Why I don't trust mechanical speedometers.

    OK, I am basing this solely on the cheap Taiwanese speedometer that I got from Spooky Tooth. If you check the picture below you will see that 200 rpm equals 21 mph so I'll start from there: 200 rev/min = (21 mi/hr) / (60 min/hr) converting hours to minutes gives: 200 rev/min = 0.35 mi/min...
  16. Finfan

    A gentleman of leisure!

    Well, it finally happened. They ran out of work for me at the company I've been with. The problem is that they are what is called a "Cultural Resource Management" firm. They essentially do commercial Archaeology and I'm not an archaeologist so I'm not qualified to do field work or any of the...
  17. Finfan

    Todays Cruise

    Well I met up with FR31 and his friend Alex to ride for a bit today. My (brand new) odometer tells me I rode 22.6 miles so that is a reasonable in-town cruise. I was mainly getting shots for the "Happy Travels" thread but I got some of our bikes also. We start out with a shot of my bike by...
  18. Finfan

    I found this in my back yard this morning!

    Not motorbike related but pretty cool none the less. The cactus is called a "Peruvian Apple" and this is the most blooms it has ever had!
  19. Finfan

    Carb problems - it's the little things that get you!

    OK, so I had to take my carb off and make a new cable because a part broke for no apparent reason during a routine adjustment. Well, since then I have found that the bike won't climb a mild grade I used to be able to accelerate up and the engine would race when I stopped at a light. I took...
  20. Finfan

    The problem and the solution.

    The problem was that the wires from the CDI and the engine were just a hair too short and had started separating on me making the bike unreliable. I thought I would show how I fixed it as one possibility. Please note that I worked in electronics for a number of years so I had the stuff on hand...