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    Using a digital caliper instead of a feeler gauge for valve adustment?

    Is it even possible? I was on Amazon looking for a feeler gauge with the proper settings for my Huasheng. All of the ones I've com across have .0025 and .004 but no .003. I understand that the intake can be a very tight .004 but I'd like to have the valves as close to spec as possible. So is it...
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    huasheng 142f 49cc tachometer?

    Just got my new huasheng 142f 49cc. As far as I'm aware this motor doesn't have a rev limiter, and the gearbox that came with it is only a 5:1. I'd really rather not blow my motor up so either I need to install a rev limiter or I need a good tachometer. Any suggestions? I'm sure the...
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    Reliable towing motor

    I've searched the forums and found a couple of threads about towing. Most recommend the Flyinghorse 4 stroke or the Titan xc50s (the current equivalent seems to be the XC50R MAGNUM). Currently I have a little Honda 35gx setup with a rear chain drive system, its a great little motor but its...
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    mini pocket bike transmission running in reverse.

    Okay so a while back I bought a mini pocket bike transmission that came recommended by a couple of people. I bought it for my Honda GX 35, I finally got it mounted and ready to go. As promised it went right on no fuss, that should have been my first clue. It works no qualms there, but the tire...
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    Replacement Spring for chain guide... AKA SO MANY SPRINGS!!

    Okay guys I know I need and extension spring roughly an inch and a half long... After that I have no Fing idea what I'm looking at. This spring looks right, but it can only with stand 8lb of pressure. Is that enough? It seems like it should be but I have no idea... am I going to have to buy it...
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    Transmissons, Sprockets and Chains Ohhh Myyy!

    Okay so aside from the goofy title, I already have a transmission on the way, its getting mounted to my Honda 35 gx. Now I just need a sprocket for it, the sprocket that I was told would fit is this one which is a 12 tooth for a 410 chain. Great but all I have is 415H, my wheel sprockets are all...
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    Bafang BBS02 48V 750W Mid Drive Kit

    Shot out to anyone who has tried this mid drive. I'm working on building my Cargo-Bike and I have wanted to try something electric for a while now. I've done 2 stroke and 4 stroke... now its time for electric.
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    What kind of tire voo-doo is this!

    Came across this and was just wondering what the community thought. Apparently the company is still testing, but similar wheels have been used on cars and ATVs
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    fabricating a Kubo (Koo-bo) like bike

    So here it is... I know a welder and I think he would be interested in helping me with a one off project. I love the Kubo, the problem is I don't like the lack of stability that are provided by the tiny, tiny moped wheels. Especially on the nasty dirt road I live on. I'm working on a conceptual...
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    My Honda GX35 had Gas Tank envy

    Got my new baby put together and running today!! Unfortunately the gas tank on this thing is bitty! Like a little over .6 Liters small! I was like YIKES, thats a lot of stopping to fuel up. So I went searching for an aftermarket tank to replace the factory tank, no such luck. Step two look for a...
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    Looking for a good MTB with suspention

    Here's the scoop, I just ordered a Honda GX35 OHC Mini 4 Stroke 36 Spoke kit from GEBE I also ordered the 36 spoke rear wheel. Which means any 26 inch MTB will do, but in all seriousness I NEED a MTB with full suspension becasue our dirt road is **** on the solid frames. It tears up the tires...
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    Had my little putter for a year now...

    Aloha, As the title states I've had my motorized bike for about a year now, shes a fankin-bike to be sure. I cobbled her together form three diffrent mountain bikes, a poor choice I know but its what I had, and strapped on the cheapest 80cc kit that I could find. I am currently...