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    Chassis for 2nd bike

    Well, winter is upon us in the north country, no riding unless we get a Chinook. Went out to my scrap pile (next to the wood pile) and grabbed a couple armloads of old frames, after grabbing the wood first and making my lair warm. I proceeded to rough in a chassis out of four different frames...
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    Stihl FS48 buzzerbike update

    Hi all, I have my 23cc beastie pretty well sorted out. My 4th intake retains almost all the power gains, lost a smidge on the top end,( 1/2 MPH) but fattened the middle. Gone, is the"Banshee howl". The red intake tubes terminate 1/2 inch inside a venturi that feeds the filter element, between...
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    First build, Stihl FS 48 trimmer engine

    This is my Stihl 23cc buzzer bike. Have been contemplating such an animal a while. I've purchased several weedwhackers at yard sales, but the Still FS 48 was best configured for my needs. Bicycle is a Ross racer (yard sale as well) Now this project is not for the beginner, as nearly every aspect...