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    X cylinders

    I seen them for sale in ebay. They have an X cast into the bottom and from what I hear they are junk. Anyone else have experience with them?
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    Old motor acting up

    I bought my old bike out and it wouldn't start. I cleaned the carb and replaced the magneto. This is a new top end that I installed before putting it away. The clutch pads are also new. I have a new NGK spark plug and tested two different cdi's. When I pedal it and drop the clutch...
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    Reed valve without third transfer port or stuffed cases

    Why are people slapping on Reed valves without proper cylinders? Won't it actually rob compression?
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    Clutch problem

    I had a problem with my bike losing power uphill, no torque. Then the last time I rode it, it lost power overall. I checked the tank, line, carburetor and didn't find a problem. Today I replaced the entire top end, because I didn't know what else to do. Now the problem is with my...
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    TurboBuick tensioner spring size?

    I took my bike apart for some TLC and my spring disappeared, I found another spring, but it's too long and doesn't put enough tension. I messaged TurboBuick on eBay, but he has yet to reply. I ordered a 1-7/8"and 2" spring, hopefully one of them works.
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    Rutoung carburetor choke

    First, I lost the pin that holds the choke lever in, I finally got around to messing with it today. As it turns out, a spoke is the right diameter to shove in the hole, problem solved? Not quite, now my slide doesn't go high enough to disengage the choke lever, so now I have no problem...
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    Purchases you regret

    I wish I studied up more before my build, I wasted time and money on things that either didn't work or didn't work well enough. Sportourer elastomer seat - should have gotten a cloud 9 from the beginning, the elastomer seat sucked. Spring tensioner - unless it's from TurboBuick, don't...
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    Where do I find the tall head nuts?

    I don't know what they're specifically called, I just know they're m8 1.25 nuts
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    Why does the small bevel gear go out?

    Had to replace mine on a new motor, never had a problem before. I did grease the new one I installed, and I had greased my old one. I know it's a fairly common problem, just wanted to know if it was just because the motor was running dry or something else.
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    Anyone know the size of the screw on the flower nut?

    I replaced the small bevel gear, but butchered the screw that held in the flower nut. Used one off another motor for now but I wanted to replace them with quality hardware
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    Replacement for wrist pin clips?

    I've noticed that the clips that keep the wrist pin in seems to be a common fail point. Has anyone found a good replacement? Maybe C clips or E clips? I thought about a piston with set screws to keep the pin in, but that adds a lot of weight.
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    Frame dilema

    I've had my MB a few months now, around 800 miles on it so far. I upgraded the handlebar, stem, wheelset and front rotor on the bikesdirect mtb. Whole bike original cost was $300 Fast forward, now that I have more experience with these, I realize I probably should have gotten a better...
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    Blowing spokes left and right

    I'm running a 26“ wheel with 36 14g spokes and they're just popping everywhere. I damaged some when my chain bent some, I had them replaced, now I've got a handful more that are broken. Biggest headache because this is my ride to work. A new hand-built wheel is a ton of money and I can...
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    Lost top speed

    My bike was hitting 30mph, now it does 21-22 continues to rev but doesn't go faster. I have plenty of torque and she climbs just normal but top speed is shot. Every so often it will go back to normal, fly to 25-30 then lose power until 21-22. I checked the exhuast and manifold, they're...
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    Ate it this morning

    was leaving work and coming down the upper parking lot, down the hill, then swerve around the first speed bump, second one, wait that car is in my way.... Hit the next speed bump, couldn't go around, no time to slow down. I go airborne at about 20- 25mph. I just remember rolling, my head...
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    Sealing magneto with paint, plasti dip or waterproof silicone spray

    I found a couple threads where people sealed the coils with spray paint, plasti dip or waterproof silicone spray. Do you only cover the coil, or the entire magneto? What kind of silicone sealer should I use? I have a spare magneto I can practice on I plan to seal the wire exit and...
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    Bike tries to start but doesn't

    China girl two stroke Well, I get some gas and mixed it up. First the fuel line was leaking so I fixed it, then the fuel wasn't feeding from my glass filter, probably due to the angle, so I redid the line directly with no incline. Then the feel wasn't feeding from the petcock, so I...
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    Proper bicycle lock up method

    Maybe this will prevent our beloved MBs from being stolen as often. We put a lot of work and money into these machines. How to Properly Lock Up Your Bike: How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle With a Bike Loc…: Buy a good lock...
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    Fuel line size

    I bought some nice 1/4 id fuel line and it slipped right off the carburetor, and barely fit the petcock. What size is the stock fuel line, since it seems to fit better
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    Wtb drive cog with large 2" center hole

    Using it for a top hat disc application Slowly grinding my stock one to work. And it's taking forever