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    Cool Bike and Photos

    That is amazing! I'm sure that engine is a Honda GX35, just like my last build and current ride. He is using a tiller bottom end, I believe, and very well executed. I considered that option as well, but went my direction instead. His setup is far superior for severe service. On the Honda again...
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    Easy Rider 116cc chopper

    That'll make some torque! Teeth are for electric start. I hope you can find a rounded tire for the rear. A car tire won't turn worth a hoot. Have fun!.wee.
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    Is this even possible? Right side shaft/"Hijacking" front gears.

    Have been watching your thread, and see you want to do somethings "just differently"! That's cool. Two strokes run backwards just fine. The only mod you need is to "retard" the ignition timing an equal amount from TDC as it is now "advanced". The engine will never know the difference. Good luck...
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    Another Chopper Build

    That's too cool! Way to go man. .flg.
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    29er dimondback mountainbike BUILD

    Very nice! should be a good runner, best of luckdnutusflg
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    Chassis for 2nd bike

    .flg. Hey gang. Just an update now that test and tune is pretty much history, and I've been enjoying the scenery and waving at the rubberneckers on the road. My idea of regrinding a cam is off my mind after a few weeks of nice riding. The roads here are just to rough to cruise over 25MPH in most...
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    Easy Rider 116cc chopper

    Hey cool! Ya , once you get something like that running, kinda get an affection for those oldies. There are lots of places to get clutches for Briggs. used to have a go kart section with centrifugal clutches for 1/2"and 3/4" shafts. e baY should have LOTS! Many even have...
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    finished my first build

    Nice "rat" very vintage gear head look!.spr..weldscratglworider1
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    52cc Predator Auger Powered X-Games FS20 BMX

    That is gonna be some fun man! Your lean condition should improve with break in. However, The EPA, and CARB are pretty well entrenched into the lawn and garden market now, and these babies are really lean, and adjustability has gone from difficult to impossible in some cases. I have a couple...
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    Custom built Rat Bike named Roach

    I've been staring at the photos a long time now bro. You've got a lot of detail in that ride, very very nice. Am just completing my second build, my dream commuter/tour bike. And now you have me thinking very crazy thoughts! Curse you Man! JK! You realize you must get a video up, don't you...
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    Another Chopper Build

    Good job, sounds like you've got it down. You're right on about plug reading being deceptive. There are too many additives and even seasonal variables in gasoline today, add to that, most of us have a favorite oil for our two strokes, and most are really good. That said, unless you are wildly...
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    Chassis for 2nd bike

    Hey again"16", After signing off last nite, I remembered selling a Leece Neville 250AMP alternator last year too cheap. Dang, that would've have potential for a 4.5 HP capacity! Oh well, here are my 99.9% complete photos. Nothin's ever 100%, right? I got that giant handle bar bag for 75 cents at...
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    Velosolex 4800 build

    I need to look that up, never seen one! Good luck!
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    Chassis for 2nd bike

    .shft.Thanks 16! I got that rim trainer new for $120 7 yrs ago during my rehab period. You may find one cheap on ebay, and take some real techno leaps with those thoughts of yours. The Minoura is so smooth, there is little friction loss, so adapting a generator and working out the "watts" would...
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    Easy Rider 116cc chopper

    OH! BTW also, since you used sandpaper on the points, I hoped you used alcohol or something to clean off the oxide residue. AND, there should be a very light film of lube on the cam surface.
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    Easy Rider 116cc chopper

    Good job man! Your recoil starter may have a weak spring. That should be a Fairbanks Morse. There are parts on ebay, but I'll bet it is also just gummed up. Before trying a disassembly which is slightly tricky. Remove the recoil starter assembly, and spray a liberal dose of WD 40 into the dogs...
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    Anybody ever build a double engine bike?

    Two or more engines can be very good, or very bad. You got some home work ahead.
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    Chassis for 2nd bike

    I bought a Walbro WYK-57-1 off ebay, It is 1mm larger than my OE, 11mm, vs 10mm is significant volume wise, but was a very easy install with minimum porting. This was awhile ago, and while waiting I was scheming how I might dyno the motor instead of running up and down the road a couple miles...
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    Easy Rider 116cc chopper

    .015" is dandy. This ignition system is not very powerful, so a GOOD, properly gapped spark plug means everything. Best of luck..wee.