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  1. OG-Whizzerdude

    Whizzer key start

    The older I get the more I want a key start Whizzer. The Ambassador is not allowed in CA but I would imagine some parts would be available. I am a retired carpenter but I was thinking if a ring type sprocket could be welded to the fly wheel all you would need is a starter to mesh with the...
  2. OG-Whizzerdude

    Disc adjustment

    My front disc brake is an IRD. I have been having trouble adjusting it with the cable. I took the wheel off and measured the distance between the stationary arm and the actuating arm in the relaxed position. It was roughly 2” then I squeezed the arms together until it braked and measured that...
  3. OG-Whizzerdude

    Whizzer auto clutch

    My Whizzer auto clutch is not working. The engine turns the clutch pully around and around. The rear wheel stays put. No power to the rear wheel. I took it apart and used some emery cloth to remove some very slight glazing from the shoes and drum. The springs look good and functional. I bought...
  4. OG-Whizzerdude


    My hot rod NE5 blowes out all its oil. I'm told this can be fixed with a tall breather set up from hardware parts. What is the best fix for this? Thanks, Jim
  5. OG-Whizzerdude

    Newbie from California's east coast.

    Hi, my name is Jim, a.k.a., the OG-Whizzerdude. I'm all signed up and registered! I wanted to be just the Whizzerdude but that one was taken so I added the OG for original. I got into the hobbie again when the new Whizzers came out. I thought I was sort of unique until I got online and looked...