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  1. Lay'emLow

    Custom built Rat Bike named Roach

    Awesome and frightening in all the right ways! Cant wait for May to be over so I can stare at this thing through all of June. Just one question though, what do you use to start it?
  2. Lay'emLow

    Junior's first Briggs bike

    Thanks for the reply measuretwice, but seeing as you barely made a mention to this thread, I think your stories and comments about your own builds might be better suited for a thread of your own. I dont mean to be rude, just tidy.
  3. Lay'emLow

    Junior's first Briggs bike

    Hello All, This is my first 4stoke and first non-kit build. Seems like I dove in head first on this one. That being said, Im trying to keep the build as simple as possible using whatever parts I have lying around my garage. The frame was a step-thru cruiser to which I added suspension...
  4. Lay'emLow

    Four Wheel Project

    You are an incredibly talented and creative individual. The entire build has me impressed, but that shift selector and indicator really wowed me! Very well done sir. I hope your grandkids appreciate what their grandpa can do and has done for them.
  5. Lay'emLow

    4 stroke abuse over speed

    Yeah I get that its centrifugal force, a function of speed, but its easier for an unloaded motor to rev up quickly than one under load. I read today that valve float occurs at around 5500 rpm with the motor Im using. Im wondering if Id throw a rod before I get to 5500 though. vtec- i got a...
  6. Lay'emLow

    4 stroke abuse over speed

    Attempted thread revival: Im building a 3hp Briggs bike that will be equipped with a centrifugal clutch and transfer power through a freewheel. It seems to me that overspeeding is only an issue when theres no load on the motor. Does this mean I can run my motor sans governor and nit be worried...
  7. Lay'emLow

    Mystery of the failed re-starts

    I had planned on upgrading the spark wire and cleaning the plug before the next time I ride already. While Im at it Ill give the rest of the electrical system a once over as well, and report back. Jim, Ive got a shift kit, so I cant pop the clutch under way. Ive got to rely on my pedaling...
  8. Lay'emLow

    Mystery of the failed re-starts

    I know theres no leaks on the intake side of things... Ive very carefully buttoned all that up. Ill check out around the head and plug tho next time i run it. I can run a compression test too to check the piston rings, but whats good pressure? 120 psi? Also, the popping I mentioned is the motor...
  9. Lay'emLow

    Mystery of the failed re-starts

    Hey all. I tried doing some searching, but couldnt find anyone who has had this problem. My '80cc' BoyGoFast motor has been displaying a very annoying tendency lately. Ill start it initially without issue and Ill ride it at least long enough for the motor to get hot. If I stop and shut the...
  10. Lay'emLow

    135 km/h????

    Found this video on YouTube. Dude goes about 84 mph on the highway in the ballsiest riding position I've ever seen. Please tell me somebody around here has some more info on this thing! YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. -L'eL
  11. Lay'emLow

    Strange Shimano Hub

    Thanks for the info guys. I cant believe I didnt make sense of it myself, seeing as I just randomly bought a trike from a guy riding by my house yesterday. Looks like its got an upgrade coming its way!
  12. Lay'emLow

    Strange Shimano Hub

    Found a Shimano 3cc hub in an assortment of bike parts, but there are some weird features that I can't make any sense of. For starters there's a sprocket integrated into the casing and it's mounted in the center of the hub. Also, there's no place for any spokes to mount... Anybody familiar...
  13. Lay'emLow

    Motorized bicycle that'll run on beer

    Re: MB that'll run on beer Thanks Starch!! On my gold lowrider I would get stares from everyone... Now I just get looks from people who know what theyre looking at =] Tim, when I was doing research for the keg tank, I saw the same picture, very inspiring. Also saw a picture of a urinal made...
  14. Lay'emLow

    She makes me smile when I ride Her

    absolutely beautiful! awesome color scheme, great flow.... just overall a wonderfully put together bike!
  15. Lay'emLow

    Upgraded P-Wii bike

    awesome bike! would look great with a banana seat... lowride that sh-----t
  16. Lay'emLow

    Motorized bicycle that'll run on beer

    Re: MB that'll run on beer while im at it, check out the next project in line! im not going to motorize this one. however should make one mean bicycle with a waaaaay layedback seat [might even need a sissy bar] and the 26" wheels on a 20" frame... Anybody have thoughts on handlebars??
  17. Lay'emLow

    Motorized bicycle that'll run on beer

    Re: MB that'll run on beer A little over a month later and my baby is just about road ready. I took her for a test spin, and MAAAN does she fly... unfortunately due to a brake issue, that was almost my last ride on her. Thanks to SBP's dual pull ill be riding safe again in a day or two...
  18. Lay'emLow

    A little "side" project!

    do i spy a flux core job? thats what ive been using too. im sure it got the job done on that thick steel square bar just fine. i recently borrowed an argon/co2 mix tank from welding shop to use solid wire, and man what a difference! it was the only way i was going to weld the thin steel for my...
  19. Lay'emLow


    Im making my self a head and tail lamp with led's myself. I was wondering what kind of current the motor produces. From the previous post, im assuming something like 500 mA. Im also having a little trouble figuring out what kind of configuration I need so as not to burn out the LEDs. I have 6...
  20. Lay'emLow

    30 Miles and WT#!!!!

    I was in a **** of a jam like this a few months ago. Fuel was dripping out of my exhaust when i cranked it over and over, I had spark outside the motor and everything was sealed up with silicone and rtv. Turned out that my spark was very weak, and was blowing out under compression in the motor...