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  1. Jcs1989

    Engine rattle

    I've checked the entire bike. It's solid. Everything is good an tight an solid. I got back out earlier an think that I've found the issue. I believe it's the clutch. The part that holds the clutch pads. It seems like it's loose somehow. Its in place where it's suppose to be but wobbles an has a...
  2. Jcs1989

    Engine rattle

    Title says it all. I was riding today started to slow down an then bam starts making this rattling sound. Engine still runs. An I've checked everything on the outside in the clutch an sprocket. An can't find the culprit. Im afraid the rod bearing or something of that nature is shot. Any ideas guys ?
  3. Jcs1989

    2 stroke wont fire !

    So I was riding the other day an it started raining on me. I thought it'd be OK so I rode on. Almost to where I was going the motor started to die. Then popped an fired back up an done it two or three times then died. So I let everything dry. An it fired up an ran an did the same thing made a...
  4. Jcs1989

    Gas leaking from NT carb.

    Thanks guys nailed that one on the head. Jus fooled with carb a bit learned a little more about it. And wham. No problems. Float must've been stuck. Put a stock 3 half turn on the adjustment screw an it idles well an runs even better an no leaking gas. I feel kind of stupid because it's got a...
  5. Jcs1989

    Gas leaking from NT carb.

    Hi new to the 2 strokers. Jus got my kit in today and installed it in a few hours. When I had put fuel in the gas tank an turned the petcock to the on position. I watched the gas go into the carb. Then after a few seconds it started dripping out of the air filter. I sat an watched it drip for a...
  6. Jcs1989

    Post pics of your 4 stroke exhaust !!!

    That sir is one wicked bike ...! an thanks man yea the angle cut has quite a loud pop. I'm thinking about adding a different pipe an going with the Briggs muffler. It's definitely turning to many heads with the straight pipe.
  7. Jcs1989

    Huasheng Performance Mods

    Anyone know any easy an simple performance mods on the huasheng 142. I've bought a 38t sprocket and I'm very pleased to find I can now cruise at 55-60kph or 33-37mph. Which is fine. But my engine won't rev all the way out. It's runs up to about 3500-4000 rpms an just won't pull any harder. I...
  8. Jcs1989

    Post pics of your 4 stroke exhaust !!!

    I made this 3 pc straight pipe exhaust for my huasheng 4 stroke ! Sounds great an has a pretty sharp look. Have any questions ask away other wise post pics of your custom straight pipes ! brnot
  9. Jcs1989

    Engine alignment Huasheng Schuffy

    Hi, I'm having difficulty getting my engine an trans to line up on the Schuffy(Schwinn/Huffy). Problem is it's been out of line since I got the kit. I've had it on both frames an it seems to be be crooked a little. Still runs an rides. But I feel if I could get the alignment straighter it would...
  10. Jcs1989

    Pocket bike CVT trans. On 4 stroke ? Good or bad ...

    Dude that is sweet ! So it basically works like an auto trans in a car . That's pretty cool ... I do have a 29er sitting around collecting dust. If it had a better frame it'd be motorized. I may have to try the auto shift on it. Once I learn more on how they function. I may can possibly design...
  11. Jcs1989

    Pocket bike CVT trans. On 4 stroke ? Good or bad ...

    What's this auto shift ? I'm basically jus looking for something that's gonna have better take off from the get go. I have to pedal to 15mph to get the engine to pull hard enough to take off. But it does top out at a nice 36.1 mph. An cruises from 26-30 mph now that the clutch is worn in. But...
  12. Jcs1989

    thatsdax VR1

    I'm not sure about the dax. But I've been trying to learn more about these pocket bike cvts. I wana try one see how it works out. Have you any experience with them. Ot any links to more info. I've only found a few but no real answers. Most people use them them on top of the back tire mounted...
  13. Jcs1989

    Hey I was wondering how well the pocket bike cvts work on the huasheng motors ?

    Hey I was wondering how well the pocket bike cvts work on the huasheng motors ?
  14. Jcs1989

    Pocket bike CVT trans. On 4 stroke ? Good or bad ...

    Keep in mind this is designed for the smaller engines. Like the 49cc engines. I see other members commenting about them. Saying they work well. At 78$ for the cvt I'd be willing to give it a shot. Considering my hoot gear box is about to give I'm sure. The little chain in it has stretch ed out...
  15. Jcs1989

    Pocket bike CVT trans. On 4 stroke ? Good or bad ...

    I'm using the Huasheng 4 stroke. And I figured this would replace the original gearing system that comes with the kit. Known as the hoot gearbox. I've got over 100 miles on it. An still seems to be holding up. But the chain is starting to stretch an I'm a little worried it going to give before...
  16. Jcs1989

    Pocket bike CVT trans. On 4 stroke ? Good or bad ...

    So I'm sure I'm not the first to ask. But I've been looking around. And seeing talk about using a pocket bikes CVT transmission on the 4 stroke engines. Sounds like a pretty good idea from what I've read it helps give a good acceleration along with good top end. Anyone know more on this ? . ...
  17. Jcs1989


    I'm a newbie myself dude. I've built a cranbrook an have had over 100 trouble free miles. Welcome man. Good. Luck on the build. I mixed a huffy cranbrook and a Schwinn. To make the Schuffy lol rides great !!!
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