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    1980 puch $100

    I got all the parts ordered. new carb and all the important stuff. I found a bottom end e50 at a local salvage yard for 25 bucks to get all the engine parts off of and now I'm waiting for the carb in the mail. I've got almost $300 wrapped up in this already but I'm having so much fun I don't...
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    1980 puch $100

    got it for $50 yesterday because the engine ended up not cranking so i'm in the process of tearing through it. i saw an engine for sale on ebay if you wanted just an engine. this will be quite the project for me but i will get it running eventually. luckily i can get parts online or i would be...
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    1980 puch $100

    sorry I took so long getting back but it is in Bellevue Ohio and I found out it needs carb parts so I have started the search. I talked to him and his son and it ran good before his nephew tried cleaning the carb and lost pieces to it. I'm going to look at it today. he has a new tire for the...
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    Puch powered bike

    I am debating buying a puch soon and am looking for a good project. I'm not sure of the engine or style yet but it's from 1980. good luck with the build.
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    1980 puch $100

    this needs a little carb work and it's nice. is this worth it and is it rare a guy at work has it for sale. also is anyone interested?
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    white wire powered light

    I saw some on eBay but they looked cheaper. Price was low though.
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    NOOB question

    This forum will help with the first build better than any instructions and you can feel good about building something. Any questions can be answered here and I would reccomend a kit over a moped. Upgrades are available and parts are everywhere compared to a moped. 2 or 4 stroke is a hard one and...
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    engine hardware question-first build

    I got it from a motorcycle shop and it is kind of expensive. It is a liquid that turns hard and coats the inside of your tank like hard rubber. There is enough of it to do about ten tanks and all you need for a new tank is the white bottle. eBay has them sold seperatly. I put two to three coats...
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    Gas tank alternatives

    Go to sick bike parts. Com and look at the Gary fisher on the home page. I've seen these on the web before but can't remember where. Ask them at sbp and maybee they can help
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    engine hardware question-first build

    I had problems with my gas tank cracking at the welds so I put kreem tank liner in it and jb welded around the mounts. I just got a new one and did this to the new one before using it. I also have rubber gaskets between the tank and my mounts. Buy as many upgrades as possible from sick bike...
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    Okay, getting spark, but still not running! GRRRR!!!

    Nice work I'm glad it was an easy fix. Alot of them will be. Happy riding
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    Here is my bike :)

    almost sucked. It was so loud I thought the engine blew and looked at the engine and started fishtailing from one side of the road to the other. I locked the rear up and slid off the road but stayed up. There was about a two inch hole in my sidewall.
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    Something new?

    nice find I want one. They are testing it. Mabye this site could get one to test and review. Don't know how to contact MIT but it would be cool to give advice on it or something.
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    Clutch not engaging

    take the side off that has the engaging arm and see if the pin and ball bearing behind it come out. Inspect the arm to see if it is seated properly and the retaining pin holds the arm in. Are your cables binding?
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    Okay, getting spark, but still not running! GRRRR!!!

    the plug wire screws in to the cdi try seeing if it is loose. Also my filter has clogged before. What octane are you using they say lower will combust better. Recheck the ground wire and all wiring. Turn the idle screw in and reset it if it is running after that. Clean your air filter mine has...
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    check out this transmission

    me again. Go to Popular Science and search The Ride and the info comes up with the pics of the transmission and bike and inventors. Enjoy
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    check out this transmission

    I remembered an article from a popular science and looked up. It is on a bike called the ride and it's made by Ellsworth bikes. I don't know how to give any links but it has an infinite gear ratio. The rear hub has ball bearings that roll at varying angles between two discs to change the gear...
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    What is the quietest motorized kit

    what else could we pack the exaust with. Also how much does the sick bike parts clutch cover help quietness?
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    Std exhaust mod...not

    I replaced the baffle with one from a pocket bike and it has done alright but I ordered a stock one the other day because at wot it hesitates off and on. I am hoping the stocker will fix it. I also wrapped my exaust and enjoy the protection of it and wonder if it ads performance.